Magni, give scopes or not. Advice needed

So I finally pulled my first blue 5*, Magni. He’s sitting now at 3/70 and I’m wondering whether its a good idea to ascend him or wait for someone else.
I know he’s good, BUT he doesn’t really fit my team.
My main rainbow team is Evelyn/Delilah/Zimkitha/Khiona/Kiril. What I worry about is A) Can Delilah soloheal raids/quests (lacking a bit on depth so color stacking isn’t getting me anywhere yet while rainbow has gotten me to 2600+) and B) Both Del and Magni are fighters, so fighter emblems are in high demand.

So. Is Magni good enough to ascend to 4 regardless or should I keep him at 3-70 and wait for someone else?

I’m not quite up to the level you are, but I believe the general understanding is, “Yes, ascend Magni! What are you doing still using Kiril when you have Magni??!?” :wink:

Your concern about removing Kiril and leaving only Delilah as the sole healer, I think, is mitigated by the fact that Magni will utterly destroy opponents, meaning you shouldn’t need as much healing.

I don’t have Magni myself, but I do have Kiril, and if I were to get Magni… I would drop Kiril like a wet bag of hair.

Good gaming!

Yes ascend Magni. He’s worth the scopes. My c2p alt would love to pull a Magni, I’ve been sitting on scopes just for that.

With that setup, I would swap Kiril for a max Magni. Delilah alone is plenty for quests and things. In raids, I prefer 2 healers, but my alt wins many a raids with Del+ Joon + 3 other non healers.

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Additionally, there are plenty of places you’ll want to bring BOTH Kiril and Magni - red titans, raid/wars with red tanks, etc.


Yes yes yes and yes.

If you are talking about rainbow defense. Then you might want to go with the below:

Zim - Evelyn - Delilah - Magni - Khiona

I would replace Khiona with another hero since I find her not very effective as a defender.
Replace her with a higher impact hero if possible.

That’s because she’s bad in the corner. Put her next to delilah and she performs well. I’d move magni or eve to the corner (probably eve since she isn’t super great without another green like zeline)

EDIT - yes I realize magni in the corner will only cover 2 heroes with his shield. That’s not the end of the world and it’s better than putting an average speed hero in the corner. With his low defense, he’s more likely to not die in the corner anyway.

Your suggestion to put Magni in the corner is viable.

But for me, Khiona is best left for offense unless I have no other choice. She is great as a support on offense with an ok hit and excellent offensive buff. For defense, she doesnt impact much. She strikes no fear with her hit and mana speed.

I am the type to play with gut feel but if a hero on defense doesnt make me want to turn away, then I would deem that hero is lacking any impact.

Thanks for all the advice guys! I figured I’d atleast wait till atlantis to see if Ariel decides to join me, but if not, I’ll get Magni ascended. As far as the rest, my options for purple are Proteus and Tiburtus, I am looking to get my hands on another 5* Purple at some point. Then again, Khiona was my first 5* so there is some sentimentality regarding her.
For Eve, I got Hatter coming up, just waitikg on the tonics

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As your bench gets deeper you’ll have more and more good heroes that are not in your defense team. Magni fits fine in your defense team and even if he wouldn’t, he is still a very good hero to have. So my vote is a big Yes! :blush:

It isn’t just her hit but her buff. Don’t fear her st your own risk. :slight_smile:

Magni is the type of hero that is ALWAYS useful, so if I were you, I would level him up all the way, hands down.

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Magni was the hero that got my first set of scopes and I never looked back. I have now Richard, Thorne, Ariel, Frida, Aegir… I would still go with Magni first.

On defense I have him flanking Kunchen with Zeline behind. Even though I still have two 4 stars on def team (Boldtusk and Wilbur) I win most of def raids in Diamond bracket. His buff is amazing to keep the tank alive as well as to protect mire squishy folks on the wings. And when he shots it really HURTS.

Evelyn, Zim and Khiona all have a 4% self heal which should tick around the 60hp per round mark. Not large but not insignificant, especially when you have a minion in front courtesy of Delilah and Magni pops his shield avros6gim and his flanks.

Think about it this way: if not Magni, then who? Ariel is the only 5* ice healer, so unless you have the great good luck to pull her, then you’re giving scopes to some attacker. Magni is clearly the best classic 5* ice hero on attack—Richard is better on defense. You might want to keep Kiril on your defense even with Magni, but you shouldn’t hesitate to give him scopes.


Ariel is awesome support hero, perhaps one of the best in game. But what can a great support do if the ones they support are incapable? Bring Ariel to 3.70 - definitely, but think about who is going to benefit from that mana boost the most. You want Ariel maxed when you already have others, Ariel on her own won’t do much. Also, her buff is as effective as it gets on 3.70. The only benefit to take her to 4th ascension is increasing her survivability to survive more in those battles against full 5 star teams. And again, if you don’t have that luxury yet to fight these battles, you won’t need Ariel to survive that much. 3.70 she will do comparable work to Kiril, only the buff will be better. And Magni gets a lot from that last ascensions - it is hundreds of hit points dealt.

I don’t have Magni, but I sure as hell don’t like facing him… he is a menace when maxed…

Yes. Magni needs everything that maxing him gives! Especially the survivability!!!
I have 2 fighters on my team and that just means 2 have the chance to revive and get one final shot in! Magni being a sniper, that’s one heck of a shot!