Another blue ascension dilemma

Hi all, I can’t seem to find any posts that deal with my current situation, so thought I’d throw this out to the forum.

Having finally got my 30+ 4* fully ascended for war, I’m considering starting on a 5* blue hero as I have the necessary ascension items.

My choices are: Magni (with costume), Richard, Glenda, Isarnia (with costume), Cobalt, Skadi and Ariel.

Alternatively I could level up some of my remaining unleveled blue 4*: Frank, Mireweave, Valeria, CoD or Agwe.

My current blue roster of fully ascended blues are: C. Kiril, C. Sonya, Jott, Grimm and Triton.

Boril has been sitting at 3.60 for a while now, can’t seem to justify taking him to the next level.

My main focus is Titans and war. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Cobalt and Magni-C, if you have 12 scopes. If 6 - Cobalt.

Thanks rilian I have 10 scopes at the moment, will hopefully be 12 by the time I get the first to 4.80

Cobalt and Ariel. Ariel for the flexibility for offense and defense, and cobalt for the same reason. If you already have kiril c magni defense down is redundant and Cobalts stats and damage will help devastate opponents.

I mainly vouche for Ariel because her heal is insane and having mana gen increase will help your other heroes go off quicker, especially useful if you have lower level mana troops.

I would go

Magni C

In that order


I like this order @Infinite

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Looks like an early consensus

Thanks @Infinite I’ll use that list in future

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