Magni,Frida,Perseus,Thorne, or Isarnia

Trying to see which of those to use my telescopes on. I have Aegir and Misandra maxxed. Thanks everyone:)

All are good, except Thorne.
Magni is better version of Grimm.
Frida defdown element at 3.70 is good enough, but it is worth to ascend, if you face greather then *10 Titan, and also you do not have King Arthur.
Isarnia is the queen, slow but deadly.

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Frida, for the elemental blue debuff and the dispel to 3 targets.

Elemental defense down is difficult to come across.

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Even if I truly love my Magni (first 5*) & that he’s now at this 8th step with emblems… I gotta say that I’d max Frida.

Debuffing color is way too strong in raids, wars, events & titans… Kinda everywhere finally, except maybe in defense, where it doesn’t really matters.

Magni is a truly good heroes, really versatile & I like him a lot.

Perseus… Well, I don’t have him but when I meet him in raid, he’s not a problem at all… Often CS once then die… Just like Magni, yes, but Magni buff his friends at the same time, wich can make a huge difference.

Isarnia, I just don’t like her. Too squichy. Probably awesome in events & attacks, but mine is still lvl 1.

Thorne… is Thorne. Average heroes…

I’d chose Frida.

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I have ‘only’ Magni and Isarnia. Both of them are pretty good, and while Isarnia is very hot (quite an irony), Magni is the one who I will level up next. Then again, I have already maxed out Wilbur for def-down (especially titans) and I lack any strong fast sniper, so YMMV on that one.

Frida in my opinion…

Magni - if solo

Frida - if you stack blue

Isarnia - probably your 3rd blue

Perseus / Thorne - no

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