4 blue 5*, mats for one

I’m currently trying to decide who gets the telescopes. I have maxed Isarnia, Athena, Frida, and Alasie. My other blue 5* are Perseus, Rumplestiltskin, Magni, Richard, Thorne, and a second Alasie. Who would you ascend and why?

Magni, because fast, hit hard and protect neighbor, can be as offense and defense (flank), IMO.


Frida, then Athena. Because it will be great to have them both maxed.
Frida for huge scores on titans, events and in raids with other blues (Frida + Grimm + Thorne/Richard = good times)
Athena afterward because she is a better Grimm.
As a rule of thumb specific color def-downs (falcon, frida, jackal etc.) are the best hereos in my opinion.

EDIT: I misread :slight_smile: which ones are maxed… From those who are left I would go with Magni (solid sniper with def-up) or Rumpel, which is a lot of fun, all of him 3 specials are very helpful.

Magni. Rump seems fun but I’d want a core of solid dependable heroes before using mats on him.

Second alasie then magni.


Magni loves him really

Another vote for 2nd Alasie. Magni is ahead on attack stat but Alasie is far more durable.
With higher damage at 462% vs 420% , -24% mana gain on 3 enemies and the element link. She is an obvious choice.
Magni for variety reason.

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In a vacuum, I’d agree that going with Magni makes the most sense.

That said, I think there’s an argument to be made for Richard or Thorne depending on what you need for your blue. Since they’re both Average mana speed, they synergize well with Frida for absolutely phenomenal damage. I pair my Richard with Frida, Kiril, and Grimm (depending on if I’m going 3/2 or 4/1), and that combo can delete entire raid wings. You have Athena who functionally replaces Grimm.

So while they’re both pretty similar, Richard is better for tanking while Thorne is better for raid offense, but they both act as a capstone for that combo. It’s pretty devastating if you can pull it off, and Magni doesn’t provide that kind of an area hit.

Also both provide a solid blue tank if you’re coordinating raid tanks, and right now you don’t seem to have a solid blue tank.

But in general, yeah Magni.


Yep, I’m going with Richard. I usually attack with a 3-2 setup, and a threesome of Frida, Athena, Richard is huge. All average mana, so normally they’ll come up at the same time, and smack three targets, either kills or close.

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I’d go magni personally.

I also use a 3-2 setup

Both pretty solid combos for spreading depth across 6 teams

For titans, magni’s 800 tile damage is solid too. Sure if you’re embleming alasie then she’ll hit that 800 stat sooner or later but until then

Frida athena alasie magni miki/tarlak/wu/ranvir can put up some pretty solid titan hits and if your group is as competitive as mine, then you know how much fun it is competing with one another for A loot(realize you have isarnia with 800 tile damage, but magni +def on is more useful anyways than overwriting athena debuff)

So for all around use and versatility, it would be magni for me


for threesome , Thorne deliver more blow than Richards , i would pick Thorne

personally i will do second Alasie , as i did 2nd Seshat over Domitia and Sartana

I have Aegir +7 at tank. I forgot to mention him because I never use him anywhere else

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In that case, IF you want to utilize Kiril-Athena-Frida into a quad combo, I’ll be the weirdo and recommend Thorne for that, since he hits harder than Richard.

Though Richard is more versatile with the attack down, so there’s that too.

I think Alasie is just the best out of the bunch and two Alasie is better than one Alasie and one Magni. Also you mentioned you only use Aegir on defense, Aegir is seriously incredible on offense lol. If you’re using mono blue, Aegir can really turn a raid around in your favor by healing your whole team back to 100% health by flinging 3 blue tiles. He’s turned a lot of losses into wins for me.

It’s true that Thorne delivers more raw damage than Richard, but Richard’s -35% attack ailment for 6 rounds can be a lifesaver.


As the owner of a Richard myself, he has blunted the attack of many a Sartana, Joon, and the most dreaded of snipers, Lianna.

He’s also outright killed a bunch of those, making the attack down irrelevant. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s a decision the op will have to decide, whether the somewhat lower special damage outweighs the attack down or not.

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