Help with big decision: Frida or Magni

Hi guys,

I recently obtained my 6th scope, and I am struggling to choose which blue 5* to ascend.

The choices are Magni or Frida (or Thorne…).

My current defence is Seshat+7- Mitsuko+8 - Aegir+9 - Gravemaker+3 - Joon+8.

My other maxed 5* heroes are Tarlak and Sartana. My maxed blues are Grimm+18, Kiril+4, Triton, Sonya, Boril. I have most of the top 4* heroes in the game at max level and some with emblems.

I have Magni and Frida at 3.70 and I know it’s going to be many many months until I get another 6 scopes.

Neither would make my defence team (right?) but Frida would make the team against red titans. She also has great stats, the useful def down AND the dispel. Magni is obviously just a good sniper and generally useful in most content. I don’t spend enough to realistically get my hands on Alasie or Alice, so Magni is probably the best blue sniper I will get. Triton with no emblems doesn’t really cut it when raiding in Diamond.

My problem is that Frida seems the more sensible choice, but she wouldn’t get Aegir’s emblems unless I took him off my defence. Magni could have Boldtusks’s emblems and he’d be around +8.

So my choice is either Frida with no emblems, or a +8 Magni.

Any advice?

I vote for Frida - you already have 3 maxed snipers so Magni can wait.

I wouldn’t remove the emblems from Boldtusk as he’s really good with emblems. Even if you decide to max Magni, you should leave Boldtusk with his emblems and only give the new ones to Magni. But as I already said, Frida will be invaluable against titans so she should get the telescopes.



The only opposing view I have is stat wise… frida can handle playing at 3:70 while magni can’t.


Which do you want more, the support for other heroes that Frida gives or the extra firepower from Magni? As stated you already have a few snipers, Frida likely brings you more versatility. But, Frida is more useful at 3-70 than Magni is. If you reguarly use (or want to use) both then in that case consider Magni.

Good luck in your decision.


Frida for sure. Instant boost to Titan score and makes all your 4stars way more useful. Frida hits 1st then your 4star blues hit like Magni. (see Grimm and Sonya here)

Another vote for Frida here.

I’d say it depends. Everybody is right in that a 3/70 Frida will do fine until like maybe 7*+ Titans where you might struggle to keep her alive without battle items. Frida’s main benefit, support, comes at 8/8 special. Everything beyond that just increases her survivability really because her tile damage is just average.

Frida is better with a good support structure. Magni is better in a vacuum. Frida really needs another good blue multihit to shine (like Grimm, but I find him a bit squishy. My Frida pairs well with my +7 Richard).

I mean Magni isn’t much more durable than Grimm if we compare full emblems v. 5* naked.

Ultimately I’d say that Frida works better with a team and if you prioritize Titan/map more. Magni works better in wars, raids, and tournaments because he’s generically useful and doesn’t require combo pieces to hit peak effectiveness.

Frida would be great if you have like a Kiril with emblems and Thorne, or even Frida > Grimm > Thorne which would be devastating in raid offense.

So that’s my :gem::gem:


My vote goes for Frida as you have stated you already get a good amount of snipers. Also, with Frida, you can put hitters like Grimm and Richard to good use.

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Frida. I had that same choice a few months ago. Chose Magni. Now that they are both maxed with emblems, Frida is the one I choose more often for raids. Even Kiril sees more action than Magni.

Wow! Really?! Who else do you have maxed for 5* blue?

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No other 5* blues. Since Frida was maxed, I’ve pulled Richard, Thorne & King Arthur (he’ll be my next blue project). None of them will see any action for a while. I only have 2 scopes.

While I was waiting for Frida’s scopes, I maxed all my blue 4 stars and two Gatos. Those scopes don’t come easy.

Surprising that you don’t use magni more then. To each there own. Happy grinding!

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I would say something very clever but it’s already all been said in the quote!

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If you’re color stacking then you’d have room for 3 blues vs red tanks. I’d be taking Magni, Frida AND Kiril vs red tanks

This advice against removing emblems from Boldtusk is not good generic advice. Each person has a different situation.

You should emblem heroes you use most or in a wide variety of situations. I have a Boldtusk+20 and he doesn’t see a lot of use. I use him sometimes on offense vs green tanks but mostly just in wars and on green titans. I can’t wait to strip him of his emblems and put them on Kingston who will be my first choice in green.

The poster should decide for themselves who they use more and who the emblems help most. Telling someone to keep emblems on Boldtusk without knowing what heroes they use most isn’t constructive advice imo. Just because you may use BT all the time doesn’t mean other people get the same use out of him.

In my honest opinion, and given what you have said about your current roster, I would max and emblem Frida. Good luck

@DaveSonnenberg, the OP is going to decide what is best for them, I just shared my opinion, I haven’t given them an order.

@Sylvin doesn’t have a real 5* healer (only Aegir and Tarlak but they only partially heal). That’s why I think that a talented healer such as Boldtusk will be better for his roster than another talented sniper - he already has 2 (Seshat and Joon).

What is more, the emblem cost for taking a 4* hero to +20 is much lower than taking a 5* hero to +20. In my opinion, it is much better to have Boldtusk+20 and Magni+4 than Magni at +11, for example.

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Thanks for all the advice guys.

For reference, my alliance is hitting mostly 9* and 10* titans. Frida at 3.70 (8/8 special) makes my team against red titans alongside Aegir, Kiril, Grimm and Tarlak. That team gets some pretty tasty scores against red titans.

So if I already use her against 9* red titans and have no issues with her dying, (Aegir keeps her alive) would you all still choose her over Magni (bearing in mind Magni would get at least a few emblems)?

Also, my Magni at 3.70 sees no action, except the occasional war.

Frida. Kiril, Grimm Frida are awesome combo. Kill anything in sight. Magni is decent but wouldn’t make the team

FRIDA is WAY better than Magni period. Do NOT take Boldys emblems

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