First blue 5*?

Hi guys,

Just got my 6th ever scope, and I have a few blue 5* heroes to choose from.

Current roster:

Red: Mitsuko+2, Boldtusk+10, Wilbur
Blue: Grimm+9, Triton+8, Magni (3.70)
Green: Tarlak+2, Caedmon+8, Melendor
Yellow: Wu Kong, Chao
Purple: Rigard+7, Proteus+9, Sartana (3.70)

I have Magni, Frida, Aegir and Thorne.

I know Thorne is still trash even after his buff, and I gather Aegir is a good tank now. Frida seems deadly in a blue stack, and from what I’ve read, Magni was a top tier sniper until he was left behind like a lot of TC20 heroes.

I’m not going to get another 6 scopes for a long time, so I need the most versatile hero to use in all game content.

I should mention that I don’t currently have a Paladin, so Frida or Aegir would immediately get to +3. For Magni I’d have to take emblems from Boldtusk.


Aegir - very strong tank, powerful offence here with Tarlak/Wu
Magni - sniper with def buff

You have some offence heroes so I want go with Aegir first

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I really like Frida she has my emblems but sounds like Aegir for your tank spot would be where to start.

I’d go with Aegir.

Frida will be usable for Titans at 3-70, where she matters most.

Magni is most useful maxed, but Aegir will be radically better on Defense, and generally more useful on Offense and Quests when looking for versatility.

There’s no argument for Thorne being a priority for you.

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Honestly if I had that choice I’d go Aegir, …Magni isn’t bad but Aegir can be more useful and brings durability to your team.

Frida as @zephyr1 said is still pretty workable for her ability at 3/70 so those are my thoughts

I personally have Frida maxed. She’s good, but not extraordinary. Definitely get her to 3/70 for titans, but I don’t think I’d go for her with your set up. You don’t have a maxed 5* sniper and Aegir is an amazing tank. I’d go for either of those. I’m leaning toward Aegir, but I don’t think you could go wrong with either one. I’m sure you know not to pick Thorne :wink:

Agree with the majority above, your roster looks like a tank would be very helpful. The combo with Boldtusk is excellent in that the attack buff will give a much better healing with Aegir’s special.

Magni is fantastic but it is a question of priorities and for the roster you listed it would seem Aegir should be first.

You will want more maximized 4* heroes for war and the other events.

Thanks everyone.

Aegir seems like the sensible choice.

My only issue is that a 5* sniper would probably be really useful (except for titans). My strongest single-target hitter is currently Triton, and he hardly makes a dent in the 5* heroes I face in raids and wars.

Or is Aegir just too good to outweigh the benefits of a strong sniper at this stage of my game (even with Mitsuko as my tank)?

Go with Aegir he will be great on defence and still very useful on offence as well
Frida is great i have her maxed and use her alot but if i had Aegir i would replace her before i could even blink as she is useful at 3/70

Or wait till you have 9 scopes…