Frida or Magni? (Paralyzed!)

Hey Gang,

I’m really struggling with this decision: ascend Frida or Magni?

My maxed-out heroes:

  • Red: Azlar, Boldtusk, Wilbur
  • Green: Alberich, Lianna, Hansel, Melendor
  • Blue: Rumplestiltskin, Sonya, Boril, Grimm
  • Yellow: Onatel, Joon, Wu Kong, G. Jackall
  • Purple: Kunchen, Sartana, Rigard

As you can see, I’m pretty well-balanced. Plenty of snipers, heals, and tanks. But my blue heroes are surely my weakest. On offense, a fast-action hitter like Magni would be perfect. But in every other respect, Frida seems superior: she wins on titans, d-team, and stacks (war).

I’ll add a poll here, including my other contenders, Thorne and Isarnia, but I really think it’s between Frida and Magni

  • Frida
  • Magni
  • Isarnia
  • Thorne

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Finally - I’ll have gravemaker coming up next, when Forholme Pass drops a tome. So the ‘fast action hitter’ role will be supplemented with Grave.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I would suggest you to level Magni to 4.80 and Frida to 3.70 as she would provide the same effect for titans.

You also have many of the best defending heroes, congratulations :slight_smile:


i picked wrong in poll lol , lean for Frida , you got many Sniper already , elemental debuff is essential for Titan , unless you not really care about Titan score then go pick Magni

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I’m so torn. Raiding is my favorite aspect of the game, and when I raid, I like fast-action hitters. I almost always bring a variation on this 3:2 stack:

Lianna + Hansel + Alberich && Sartana + Kunchen
Lianna + Hansel + Alberich && Joon + Jackall
Lianna + Hansel + Alberich && Boldtusk + Azlar (soon to be Gravemaker)

As you can see, I lean on fast heroes heavily. This would make Magni perfect for my raids: Lianna + Hansel + Alberich && Magni + Grimm

But in every other way Frida is better:

  1. Base stats
  2. Secondary effects
  3. Stackability
  4. Titans
  5. Defense team

Bleh. I’ll keep pondering it. The poll is split right down the middle lol

actually Frida is better just for titan , Magni give more threat than Frida in Offense and Defense , i could ignore Frida in every raid/war , her damage is just too low + average ( even Evelyn better with Fast Mana ).

Magni + Grim (single target) = Frida + Grim (multiple target) , Elemental Debuff from Frida then follow by Grim Atk are huge , especially if you emblem grimm

personally i did Magni First then follow by Arthur , i got 2 unleveled Frida but wont do her. my next blue project would be Miki (next month HOTM) or second Ariel (if Miki denied me)

That is a really tough call. I have Frida maxed.

I will disagree with you on one part, you say Frida is better on defense but in my opinion only at the tank position. I’d take Magni over Frida at flank or wing.

Both are strong on offense. Frida combos insanely well with other blue triple hitters like Grimm, Richard, Athena, Lepus.

Frida WAY better on titans but up to you whether she’s survivable enough at 3.70 vs the titans you face.

My alliance elders are really advocating for Frida. I think for these reasons:

  1. She’s best with titans, making her the “team player’s” choice
  2. She’s a HotM and therefore cooler than a vanilla like Magni
  3. She has a lot of niche secondary effects that power-players tend to adore

My alliance is top 200 (we’re trying to break 100 right now). They think Frida is the way.

Ultimately, I’ll probably wait it out, work on my 4s, get another set of mystic rings and elevate Gravemaker. After that, I’ll likely go Magni because he’s my style of play, even if I don’t like his appearance, and he’s not “cool” like Frida the HotM.

If you still want the giant smurf then tell your alliance mates that Magni would see his new skin before Frida :stuck_out_tongue:

I use both in my blue stack.

Magni would definitely come first to fully utilize his snipe hit.
Frida works be it 3/70 or 4/80. Only thing is that she is more durable at 4/80. I replaced Grimm with Frida for that reason.

Frida was my 3rd blue to be maxed.

lmao I wish Magni had a “costume” coming but I don’t see him listed in the Beta Beat section on the subject.

Also - it appears costumes are more than just cosmetic, which surprised the hell out of me.

Not sure how they work, but I’ve got Lianna and Joon hanging out. Hoping I pull a skin.

Following up: I decided on Magni

I’d rather have a fast hero with inferior abilities than an average hero with better base stats and secondaries.

This isn’t a hard line rule, it’s based on my roster. I’m using Magni for offense. I raid 3:2 with fast action hitters. That’s my play style. So it goes. Gravemaker is next, followed by either Hel or Panther.


Frida… she makes all your blues that much better.

She’s next in line.

I gotta go fast.

And she’s sitting at 3/70, ready to jump. Triton and Magni are my blue focuses.

Gravemaker and Scarlett after that.

Hel and Proteus after that.

Delilah for yellow

Caedmon for green

Fast fast fast!

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