🐼 Lu Bu – 5* Dark / Purple from War of the Three Kingdoms

I’m mostly thinking for rush war, my other leveled purples are Hanna, Khiona, Malicna, Lepiota, Sartana.

He’s worth max leveling. His special was able to keep the stoneskin from being activated as long as the fiend is alive

I had an easy path in the Gargoyle event legendary level thanks to him

I’m a huge fan


I think I will max him next because I just love his design and his special’s animation is just wonderful. And unremovable buff blocker (without healing) is a big one for bosses that don’t heal. Which also blocks HoT. His only problem is that his fiends can absorb too little HP but otherwise he’s great.

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That is why he pairs so well with Viscaro, whose minions protect his

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