🐼 Lu Bu – 5* Dark / Purple from War of the Three Kingdoms

I’m mostly thinking for rush war, my other leveled purples are Hanna, Khiona, Malicna, Lepiota, Sartana.

He’s worth max leveling. His special was able to keep the stoneskin from being activated as long as the fiend is alive

I had an easy path in the Gargoyle event legendary level thanks to him

I’m a huge fan


I think I will max him next because I just love his design and his special’s animation is just wonderful. And unremovable buff blocker (without healing) is a big one for bosses that don’t heal. Which also blocks HoT. His only problem is that his fiends can absorb too little HP but otherwise he’s great.

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That is why he pairs so well with Viscaro, whose minions protect his


Interesting that they make the purples so similar, I mean with Viscaro and Senan and all :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Lu Bu need BUFF @Petri
he is one of the strongest generals in WO3K!!


I totally agree. In W3K war with the increase Lu Bu is a total powerhouse beast!!!

Pulled him in the first W3K, but was honestly disappointed because I already levelled Viscaro, and having another fiend summoner was overkill. I also was hoping for the other Dark 5*, Diaochan.

Decided to level him, and I am no longer disappointed. In fact, I am super happy to have Lu Bu. His fiends are one of the best…buff blockers, and not just blocking them in x turns, but blocking them until the enemy gets rid of them. That is a gigantic win for this guy.


I’m a huge fan of LuBu since I’ve pulled him in the first W3K

As fiends block every buff forever, he’s been part of my raiding and, war and farming teams

A monster


Just levelled and started using him. Agree that he is great and he also makes the impossible tower level super easy. Permanent buff block on the bosses each level.

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And one or two fiends are enough to absorb the healing from Milena without disappearing

I only regret not having a Xnolphod. He would be terrific for the last impossible floors

In regards to the upcoming War Equalizer, if the opponent still has Lu Bu’s fiends, the immunity block won’t be wiped away, right?

It’ll be. Elizabeth’s mana slow also gets away with equalizer.


The way Equalizer currently works, any Status Effect (be it a buff or ailment) or Stack with accompanying symbol on heroes will be wiped no matter what. Two examples of things that don’t actually have these Status Effect symbols are 1 - the healing from Hulda’s Minions (the other things are wiped as they have icons) & 2 - the Taunt from Queen of Hearts’ minion. There might be more I don’t know about off the top of my head. I hope this helps clarify :nerd_face:

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The OP is changed with the June balance updates.

It looks like that nobody cares about his recent buff.

I love the buff as a lu bu owner, especially with a rush war about to start. But there are just so many top notch purple heroes at the moment that he is not really a priority topic to discuss.

I am going to put him on a wing for this war to see how he goes. MN-Ludwig-Liz-prof-lu bu .

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He was great before, now he’s a beast. I’ve been raiding with him today and the damage increase is impressive. His fiends were a pain before, good luck getting rid of them now.

His fiends made up for his somewhat underpowered hit all and slow speed, but now he’s more in line with other recently released heroes. Love the buff.


The opponents won’t even get to “use” the fiends. They’ll probably be dead once the turn is over.

Lu Bu didn’t really need the increased damage. But I’ll gladly take it.

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500-600 damage won’t end the fight