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Just had a very interesting and odd war. Their team had a bunch of players lowballing the war team they put up for defense. Like one had a 32xx power team but his normal defense team is 37xx. Another had a 35xx team for war but his normal defense team is 4052 power. They didn’t sync tank colors or anything obvious. So very confused as to why a team would do this.


Some alliances are under the impression that weakening some of their defenses makes them worth less and thus makes scoring points harder. It’s actually the opposite.

This has been discussed in other threads:

And probably others …

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It can be hard finding some things unless you know the exact phrase :rofl:

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I don’t get why people would do that either? A flag is worth more than the points and you can only flip someone, so many times. Face a weak defense? Use a throw away 3 star team on them and just get on with your life. You always get the same points for flipping your opponent; 1500.

Probably a misunderstanding on how the point system works. I have seen this once where one team was seriously low balled. The benefit for the attackers is that there is a throwaway target that anyone can attack and save their high powered heroes on the other teams. If I was an attacker, I wouldn’t complain.

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