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First post, be gentle…

Im in a 4 man alliance. 2 players at 42xx and 2 players at 35xx.

Would it be clever to have the 2 35xx teams to set a bad defence team, making them less points worth? I know that the 2 42xx teams would be worth more points at the same time, but also a lot harder to turn.

Please enlighten me!

It’s a gamble.

You will be matched against teams based on your full strength, regardless of what the you select.

So if your opponent is able to beat your strong teams, then all you’re doing is gifting them your weak teams too.

If you play your strongest teams then you may stretch their rosters and make it harder for them to beat your strong teams.

My personal preference is always to play my best teams and maximum strength for every raid, war and battle. Trying to game the system isn’t cheating, but rarely profits.


We came across this strategy in the last war.
An alliance of three who played one very strong team and fielded 2 x teams of feeders with 1* troops.
We couldn’t defeat the strong team and didn’t get enough points from the two lower teams even with multiple respawn.
But it’s a high risk strategy. You might be handing the opponents a war win.
Only use this strategy if you are certain that your strongest team can’t be beaten

I agree with @JonahTheBard - you’re gifting them easy targets with your 2 lower teams. They can save their good heroes for taking on your bigger teams.

In general, setting ridiculously low defense teams is a bad idea. I think the only way this MIGHT work in your favor is in a larger alliance with a large group of 4k teams and 5-ish teams with a real TP of 2k-ish. 5 small teams is typically enough for many alliances to use the reset timer, but the low points would force them to not use that.

Just thinking out loud on that. But back to the question - I wouldn’t advise it.


As an experienced player in this type of AW (running 3 members alliance/1 single loss since winter 2018), I can tell you this is a very bad strategy. As already was mentioned above, the opponents will save their strongest heroes for those 2 defenses. And you will hear the angels…

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I figured it was a gamble. I just dont think its that big of a gamble. They still need to “waste” attacks on the poor teams, in order to respawn the harder teams.

If its an unballanced alliance with big difference in team streangth, I think it would work, forcing the opponent to “waste” flags. Time will tell, I guess.

Thanks for the feedback!

While a flag is used, good heroes are saved for larger teams. The hits on the low teams should be a guaranteed 1-shot even using small heroes. This allows your opponents to save their bigger heroes to use against your higher powered defenses.

Regardless, the war board will still be worth 1500 points. The points your not getting on the lower teams are just put on your higher teams. Unless they can never get through your high defenses, you’re not taking any points away from them.

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I know its a fixed amount of points. And that they can save their best heroes, but what good are they gonna do if they have no more flags, due to the “wasted” attacks on the weak teams.

My point is it’s the same amount of attacks. Just some are worth more and some less than with normal defenses. You’re just guaranteeing that the lower ones are 1-shots with low heroes and that they can save their better heroes for the bigger teams.

I understand the thought of using the reset timers. It may work just for that. But they also have a better chance at killing your big defenses since they don’t have to spread their leveled heroes across several teams.

Think about both weak and strong defense teams as pairs.

Your alliance has 4 teams, all togheter add 1500 points.

Weak teams would be worth lets say 200 points
Strong teams would be worth lets say 550 points

The opponent alliance would have 4 Strong teams, every team worth 375 points.

Now, a pair of 2 teams is worth the same in both alliances (Weak + Strong teams = 200 + 550 = 750 points) vs (Strong + Strong teams = 375 * 2 = 750 points)

The difference is that your pair Weak + Strong can be defeated with 5 bad heroes and 5 good heroes while the pair Strong + Strong must be defeated with 10 good heroes. So you will run out of good heroes faster than your opponents.

We had an opponent who had 2 players under 2000 tp, and filled with unleveled heros. I thought it was odd since those players had maxed 5* heros in their normal defense. Now I see their strategy. All in all, we won by 100 points bc at the end we had their 2 weak ppl left and killed them with half leveled heros to win. So idk, didnt trick us.

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Great post Moncho.

You have all convinced me that it is not a good strategy.

Just for argument…
Lets say we could make 3 teams worth 1 point and 1 team worth 1497. They 1 shot the 3 teams every time and average 1.5 flags vs the good team. What would their score be?

This won’t ever happen. Because happened in 2017, until they realized how easy the wars may be cheated. Imagine you are a player 4400+ and you have 3 teammates 3500+. And the warmatching gives you an alliance with 3700-3800 opponents. Of course, in this scenario, if the 3 defenses would give away 1 point only, this strategy is unbeatable. That’s why they divided the points that such things to not happen again.

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