Why field a weak war team?

In our current war two players we are fighting against that have 4k raid teams put in 7xx war teams, one stars at level one. Why would someone do this? Is there something to it or are they only hurting themselves? I know a whole Alliance going weak is a bad idea, and to my knowledge anyone going weaker than possible other than coordinated tanks and similar is a bad idea.

It is sometimes done if the opponents they are facing have really strong teams that they can’t defeat so they will never reset the board.
So they field low teams to reduce your points.
I have seen it done in very small alliances but never in average / full alliances.
My personal view is that it doesn’t really work and it just hurts the home team alliance


It’s usually done in 2 instances:

  1. By alliances that don’t understand how scoring is done. They don’t understand that the points that are taken away from those low point teams are redistributed to the other teams. They’re trying to give less points to their opponents, but the points are still there as each war board is worth roughly 1500 points regardless of what teams are fielded.

  2. They’re trying to trick their opponents into using the reset timers on those 2 particular teams. If the opponents actually fall for it, then they’re actually wasting opportunities to get more points elsewhere.

Regardless, it’s not a smart move to try this tactic. Some alliances still think They’re being sneaky, but they usually end up losing because of it.


That is much of what I thought. I told our Alliance that whoever attacked them should use their 6th best war team.

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Your opponent fielding low teams has no effect on your teams’ points value. All it does is redistribute the points on their side, making their stronger teams worth more.

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I think they may have meant “In an attempt to cause you to earn fewer points” which if someone plays it wrong could happen. Just my thought on the strategy of it, but I think it is not a good idea.

Flipping them gets you the same points regardless of their team strengths (plus or minus a few from rounding up). Weakening their teams just makes flipping them easier.

I agree it really doesn’t work, but I think that the idea is to present an easy win and the opponent may not realize that they are getting fewer points for it. This is more for the final attacks that don’t cause a flip. You would likely be better off attacking the next higher opponent, unless you can’t wipe them, then it comes down to the nitty gritty points of who to attack.

We are all in agreement this is a bad strategy that won’t work.

It has also been discussed here for over two years now.

Except that that can’t work surely? Afik each full alliance fielded for war is worth almost precisely 1500 pts (proportionate to each player power for that alliance). I’m certain that does not vary unless the most recent update contained a modified matching system. If you field a team of Aiffes, you will be punishing your alliance because defeating that team will only take the weakest of attacking teams from the opponent to win and will yield a disproportionately (seemingly) high number of points. The idea that this has/can worked, since AW resumed later last year, is peculiar.

I’ve seen several teams use that strategy, it’s pretty much a bad idea all around.

Usually it’s mixed level teams… they put up a few super high defenses for their strongest members (to try to block a reset) and have their lower members put up weaker defenses, thinking “oh they’ll waste their good teams on the weak defenses to maximize their personal points, then they won’t have any strong teams left to take out our strong defenses.”

Now I guess maybe that could work against teams that don’t communicate well, and/or those with members who are obsessed with personal glory…? You’ll get that guy with 30 maxed 5* heroes bragging “bwahaha I just cleared 6 of their puny defenses in one go each, look at mah score! I’m amazing!” Meanwhile your lower teams are like “gee, great, good for you… now you expect me to take my sub 3k teams against the remaining 4500 TP defenses? Nice teamwork there…” :roll_eyes:

Only works if your opponents are selfish and disorganized. So yeah it could work out some of the time. But you bring that kind of trash against my team? We’ll destroy you.

“Reduction of points” is not a reduction of points. Each team is worth roughly 1500 points, period (split amongst each member and adjusted based on each team’s total HP). By fielding weak teams on purpose, you’re only redistributing points.


Great reply, I think you summed it all up nicely. In short, field your best team or best coordinated team.

Hello, just my 2 cents,
In my alliance 1 player strongly believes that it works, but in reality this past war, i was the only team alive that prevented us to be flipped. I set a strong defense, rainbow with 2 healer type, 2 hitters, and a buffer.
The other player actually has better heroes than me and could set a really annoying def.
Strong is better in war, imo.
Have fun.

That one player is wrong, absolutely.

Say your alliance has 10 players. Opponent has 10 players. 1500 points distributed across the board.

If everyone on each alliance has pretty much equal teams, each opponent will be worth about 150 points.

If one team decides to put up a bunch of weak teams on purpose, leaving say two strong teams to block the flip, the lowest teams will be worth 100 points each (total 800) and the two strongest teams will be worth the remaining 700 points total (350 each, give or take).

Either way… clearing the entire board will be worth 1500 points.

If you’re on the team that put up the 8 weak defenses, you just gave away 800 points at the start of the war. And if your opponent is smart, they’ll wait for them to respawn, and take them down again for another 800 points. They’ve now scored 1600 points without even resetting the board or having to use their strongest teams. Which means they can also wait for them to respawn again for another easy 800 points, and/or use their strongest teams to take out your strong defenses for an additional 700 points + board reset (for yet another easy 800 points).

TL;DR; one of my alliance’s opponents tried this strategy against us (long time ago). Their members were all much stronger than ours in terms of cups and player level, but they put up a bunch of weaksauce teams on war defense. We beat them something like 4900 to 2500.


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Never even thought about it that way. You’re right.
I’ll see if i can change his mind.
By the way in the last war, he was # 1 on offence, i was # 2, so i know he has a stronger roster than i, including Joon fully maxed now, so he says.
Have fun.

I was thinking of a way to set some examples with real numbers, and I think you did more or less what I was thinking. People focus too much on resetting the board and some tricky way to stop it, and should focus on defending the 1500 points the best way possible. I don’t know if you should even attack the weak team, at least only the weakest on your team should, because they give so few points. In the war I just had, their best was worth 123 points, most were around 100, and the weak two were 27 each. I had one bad attack against a 4100 team for 19 points, the rest of my attacks were 113, 119x2, and 123x2. So me attacking the 27 point team would have been a waste, but our weakest alliance members should have attacked them with their worst teams most likely.

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War scores can be up and down, checking their raid defence team and cups may be a better indication of how good they are and who they have available, unless they are cup dropping or holding at the cups between tiers, 2400 for example.

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If he’s #1 on offense, he is the last person who should be setting up a weak defense on purpose!!! He’s supposed to be one of the players trying to block a reset!

You are on the right track for sure.

Trying to block a reset is futile. My alliance usually reset at least twice in most wars. However, you’re absolutely right to let the lower leveled players take down the weaker defenses.

I probably have the strongest overall bench in my alliance. My top 30 heroes combined are far better than any of my other teammates’ top 30. That’s okay, I never berated them for that. I started playing before they did. They’ll get there eventually. Some of their main teams have already passed mine.

Which is why, when it comes to wars, I use my teams on the strongest opponents, and let our weaker members take out the rest.

Like you said… it would have been a waste to use one of your strong teams for 27 points, when there is someone lower on your team who can do it. Better for you to take the 19 and leave 100+ more for someone else who can finish what you started. Wars are a team effort. I don’t even mind when one of my alliance mates gets a higher overall war score than I do, because I “weakened the targets for them” and let them take the majority of the points by finishing them off.

To quote the former leader of my original E&P alliance: “the lowest scorer on the winning team gets better loot than the top scorer on the losing team.” Alliance Wars are about the team first and foremost. Do what’s best for the whole team, even if it’s to the detriment of your own personal score. Fielding a weak war defense team on purpose does not help your alliance, you’re basically just giving away free points to the other team.

Just as “stealing” easy war victories doesn’t help your alliance. You’re a level 40 and you see an opponent’s level 20 defense team has just respawned. “Ohhh, easy kill,” you think to yourself. But then you remember that you also have a fellow level 20 in your alliance, and that this target is probably better suited for them… maybe you should go after one of the higher teams instead, even knowing full well going in that you won’t be able to clear them. And maybe you don’t clear them, and later on the level 20 comes in and finishes what you started and clears the other level 20, and ends up with a higher score than you. Your personal pride will probably tell you “dammit, I could have taken that team and had the higher score”… but had you done that, the level 20 would have been forced to go after that higher team and scored next to nothing. And your team would probably end up losing overall, in spite of you having the top score for your losing team. Is it worth it? To throw your own teammates under the bus for personal glory just so that you can be the top performer on a losing team?

Not for me, no.

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Yes! Yes, it totally is!

Oh wait… no, of course it isn’t. Pity.


I kinda like my alliance. And I like it when we win stuffs. Even when I don’t get the top scores or the best personal loot.

Though for the record, I almost always get the best scores.

And the worst loot.

:wink: :+1:


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