New unsporting war exploit

Here we go again.

Just faced a team from Japan… which oddly enough was full of Russian mercs who’d just joined.

Latest scam - put 4-5 bottom feeders in your alliance. People with team strength under 1000. Their war teams net you only 19 pts when you take them out. Not even worth a flag.

Next - since these bottom feeders count towards total opponent strength it allows them to stack the deck with players whose team strength is above what you ought to be seeing. In our case - a bunch with more than 4100 TS. We never had a chance vs this team. Waste of our time.

This exploit gets around the spirit of war for fair matches. It’s a cheat. I’m pretty bloody sick of war exploits at this point.

Take out those low teams multiple times. You should be able to kill them 5 times each one shot with low to average teams. I’d welcome this and would beat it.


That would actually give you really crappy points.


Its not an exploit, its a strategy


Every alliance is 1500 points worth. This means the strong teams will give more points and the weak teams are easy wins.

The weak players can’t get that much points. All in all it is always more or less fair.

But can’t say much about your war without knowing your full rosters.


Kill once, wait 6 hours. Kill again, wait 8 hours. Flip. Flip. Kill what ever you can. Maximize points.

It sounds to me like they just tried a particular strategy, coordinated it and executed it well, and won.


It looks like they “made use of” the alliance roster features of the game and “used to good advantage” their intelligent placement of people (resources) and so on and so forth.

So you’re correct - they exploited the game mechanics to seize an advantage. Nothing wrong with what they did, so far as I can see. If you managed to defeat them, I applaud you. If their strategy gave them the win, then I applaud them. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Sounds like a lame strategy to me…those weak teams will never be able to get anywhere near the number of points you will be able to take from them. I welcome setups like this when I see them.


They gave you a place to dump your cleanup teams. It’s not all bad. Which means every other team should take 1 or at most 2 flags.

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We faced a similar team and beat them up badly. The trick is wasting as few flags on the mini teams as possible: (kill big ones, wait for respawn) x2, then wipe as many times as possible, use cleanup teams on the mini accounts.

The beauty of their tactics is that they made their 4k teams worth more points! 30 4k defense means ca 50 point for a 4k team. If 3-5 mini accounts are included, then same 4k team is worth 55-60 points. So killing 10 of those brings in 600 points instead of 500 for a balanced alliance.

The only challenge is that you need to be able to communicate with your alliance on who to not hit - we were shouting out in featured message, in game chat and our Line war group to make people aware of the mini teams.

You could try the same next time if you want.


You miss the point on this strategy. (the same i use)

  • First: that low team have all their deck low. This allow you to lower the total power of your opponent, as strenght must be similar for matchmaking.

  • Second: one person with more good heroes (expecially a good raider) is much better then two with half or so. That’s of course because you can color stacking much more.

  • Third: to kill many times a single opponent, you are forced to reset the team. Resetting meaning you are forced to attack that weak teams, and force to waste flags on them.

It is a dirty trick, yes, but it is within the rules.
But if i have to be honest, maybe the separate war score probably adressed this problem.

My last pairing was a lot harder then before and a really close call.
Probably my war score soon or later force me to fight an opponent over my weight.


I suspect they weren’t really Japanese. Alliances often choose a flag of another country to bypass their own language getting censored.

For some odd reason, Japan’s flag seems to be the common alternative flag.


The dictionary response is really a little over the top in my opinion. Your trying to help somebody by giving an educated response. That I support. Throwing the little definition of a word in is belittling and gives you minus 3 million points for bad form.

The game has a wealth of knowledge from the community. It suffers from the attitude that comes with it sometimes. It’s not conducive to a good learning or fun experience. This is a game. That bit is most often forgotten.


I actually liked the post. He exploited the dictionary.


Would you prefer I had worked on the word “scam” that the original poster used?

I find it bothersome that the first conclusion jumped to is that people are cheating.


Totally off topic. I had no idea that’s why alliances did that. Very interesting!

Thanks for the tip!


That is not the point. If you stack a team with these people, and they are really level 30+ players, you only get a minimal amount of points for killing them. What is the point of running a fair game if you stack the team with small teams and the opponent can only get a minimal amount of points, while their top players (4k+ teams) are sitting there and taking 4 to 6 flags to beat. You don’t get the points you need to win the war and they pound on you while they get a boatload.

Really. Even when those “weak teams” as you call them are really players who are level 35+. They are exploiting a glitch in the game that should be taken care of. While you get minimal points for defeating them, they are getting maximum points for defeating you.

If they have weak teams, how are they defeating you? If you are implying that they are getting some advantage by putting up weaker team on defense than they are capable of, then that actually works against them. Yes you get less points for any one defeat of them, but you can roll them easily multiple times vs a strong team once or twice at most. And the matching algorithm will be using their strongest heroes for determining the match, no matter what they use in defense so they are actually hurting themselves there as well.

This has been discussed to death elsewhere…it is just a really bad strategy.


You just can’t help everyone. :man_facepalming:


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