Lots of 5 Stars but Unsure How to Order Them

I’ve been playing for awhile but still confused. Unsure how to exactly place my heroes where they are most effective. I have:
Anzogh 4/80 talent 5
Grazul 4/62
Boldtusk 4/70 talent 3
Khagan 3/70
Colen 4/70 talent 18
Marjana 2/48

Obakan 4/80 talent 6
Rigard 4/70 talent 19
Sabina 4/70 talent 19
Cyprian 4/70 talent 4
Merlin 4/39
Jabbar 4/70 talent 14
Sartana 3/70

Onatel 4/80 talent 2
Chao 4/70 talent 17
Joon 4/42
Leonidas 3/60
Ranvir 3/41

Richard 4/80 talent 4
Miki 4/36
Triton 1/25
Sonya 4/70 talent 2
Grim 3/39
Rumpelstiltskin 2/31
Thorne 2/35

Kadilen 4/80 talent 1
Melendor 4/16
Kingston 2/28
Lianna 3/40
Caedmon 4/70 talent 14
Elkanen 2/34
Kashhrek 2/25
Hansel 2/35

I do have many others but am trying to focus on leveling these. Any help in teaming them would be appreciated. Right now my defense team is Rigard-Onatel-Richard-Anzogh-Obakan Team Power 4132.

Thanks in advance.

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Nice ! Are you able to add what 4* Ascension mats you have as well? So we can get a better idea of what 5* heros you can max? (Or how far off they are from potentially being maxed)

From what you have currently, perhaps Rigard, Onatel, Richard, Anzogh and Kadilen for now. Can sub out Kadi once you max either Lianna or Kingston

Thanks for the reply. I have the materials for level up Kingston, Triton, Grimm I need 1 warm cape, Marjana need 2 hidden blades. Lianna needs 3 tonics.

My 5 star heroes- I have Grazul, Miki, Joon just need to level fully up.
Khagan needs 2 hidden blades and 4 mystic rings, Leonidas needs 6 poison darts, Margaret needs 3 mysterious tonics. All long waits for these.

Lianna or Kingston both good choices for that corner sniper, just keep classes in mind. I would also max out Marj for sure over Anzough, and focus on Onatel for your wizard as she rocks.
Fighter class (for Kingston) also great when running a healer (Rigs) as well.

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A decent set up could be Rigard, Marj, Richard, Kingston, Onatel.
I am sure others may have different input but thats my two cents :slight_smile:

Hidden blades are pretty easy to come by so if you have the rings then Marj wouldn’t
be far off.


Anzogh already maxed and I have him and maxed Onatel in my defense team.

I tend to use all my emblems for each class on the one hero, and not split emblems between heros. Anzogh certainly viable hero but ^ may work for a longer term plan.

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Yes, I realized finally about using all emblems on one hero at a time. Going forward I will do that. Thank you.

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In all honesty, I personally would just mop up whatever 4 and 5 stars are at 4th tier but not maxed out yet before starting on some other ones.


Joon Grazzy Richy Marja Sarta

Grazzy can be swapped for Lia to make it a rainbow…

Joon Marja Richy Sarta Lia
seem to be a cool vanilla def.

But Grazzies small heal and ailblock could be helpful.

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First, finish maxing out any 5s you have at 4/X. Then max your 4s at 4/X. Don’t worry about ascending anyone before finishing a hero on the home stretch. After every hero at that stage is maxed, level based on what you have materials for. Also, remember that E&P is a long term game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. There’s no sense in trying to rush any hero until you have the materials for it’s ascension.

I’m sorry you maxed out Obakan. He is one of the worst dark 5* heroes. Sartana would have been a MUCH better choice. But if you had him first, he’s still better than no 5* dark hero.

For Red heroes, Marjana is a much better hero to max than Khagan. She’s a very strong sniper, while Khagan is really only good as a tank in your raid team. Obviously, finish up Grazul first, she is a really good healer.

You have a really nice set of Yellow heroes. Leo is a better choice to max first instead of Ranvir. You have Miki already, so Ranvir is only really good for fighting the rare blue titans you can’t use Miki against.

As to your blue heroes: For titans, Miki is your very best hero. He’s worth using against EVERY titan except rare blues (because rare blue titans reflect all blue tile and special damage and effects). His attack buff is the overall strongest in the game. While Ranvir can get you higher damage on some hits, his miss chance can hurt. Attacks buffed by Miki don’t miss. Also, Miki’s buff stacks with that of Boldtusk, or that of Bear and Dragon banners. It does not stack with Ranvir’s buff (or those of WuKong or Tarlak if you get them). As to picking between Thorne and Rumplestilstkin, Go with Rumple. Thorne is very similar to Richard, so he brings nothing new to your roster. Thorne is also considered one of the worst 5* blues. For 4*s, Grimm is great. His defense debuff will let you wreck enemies. Of all the heroes with that special, he has the strongest attack but the weakest defense. Use him offensively, because in a defensive roll he can be killed fairly easily.

As to Greens, Kingston is a REALLY good hero. Better than Lianna in most circumstances. But Lianna is the best original Green 5*, and is the highest damage fast single target sniper in the game. You won’t mess up by maxing either one. Of your 4*s, Hansel is incredible. His special can truly ruin an enemy’s day. I love using his special against a very fast mana enemy, and then charge up the enemy’s mana every turn, letting it kill itself.


Fantastic info! Thank you!

Almost 30 days latter and I have advanced numerous heroes:
Anzogh 80 / 6 emblems
Obakan 80/ 7 emblems
Onatel 80 / 3 emblems
Richard 80 / 4 " "
Grazul 80 / 1 " "
Kadilen 80 / 3 " "
Miki 77
Chao 70 / 19 " "
Joon 66
Caedmon 70 / 14 " "
Boldtusk 70 / 6 " "
Cyprian 70 / 6 " "
Sonya 70 / 3 " "
Jabbar 70 / 19 " "
Kingson 3/70
Leonidas 3/60
Khagan 3/70
Lianna 3/56
Merlin 4/70
Marjana 3/70
Margaret 3/70
Sartana 4/80
Neith 3/44
Horgall 1/15 Just got him and the following:
Triton 1/28
Elena 1/13
Skittleskull and a few others that I am not focusing on right now.

Mainly waiting for ascension items.
At this point, I am trying to get my Stronghold, farms, mines and forges upgraded as high as I can. Quite a long wait and the need for resources is phenomenal.

Any further insight on assigning teams or any other valuable info would be appreciated.

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@LadyCheri Triton is very useful for field aid wars and someone good to pair with a healer as his special increases the amount gained from heals. A few good healers that come to mind are Kiril, Rigard, and Melendor to name a few. And if I recall, Melendor’s outfit made him a lot more useful.

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Thanks for the response. I actually have Rigard 70 / 20 emblems, Melendor 4/34 but no Kiril. I will work on leveling all these up. Thank you.

Do you happen to know if there is a link that shows all the heroes and their attributes? I can’t seem to find anything like that. It would be extremely helpful if it existed.

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I use enphero.com. It’s very handy


I will check it out. Thank you!

Mel and Rigard costume makes them heal over time now. Which works better with the triton heal buff!


Hey guys! I’m somewhat experienced in the game and was curious on if you had insight on what order to put my heroes.

5* Heroes:
Quintus - 4/80 (3 emblems)
Joon - 4/25 (just ascended)
Marjana - 4/16 (just ascended)
Magni - 3/70
Lianna - 3/70
Richard - 3/70
Khagan - 3/70
Miki - 3/70
Joon - 2/60

4* Heroes:
Colen - 4/70 (11 Emblems)
Cyprian - 4/70 (10 Emblems)
Kiril - 4/70 (11 Emblems)
Melandor - 4/70 (9 Emblems)
Hu Tao - 4/70
Caedmon - 4/70
Tiburtus - 4/70
Li Xiu - 3/60
Kashhrek - 4/70
Gormek - 3/60
Boldtusk - 4/70
Gobbler - 3/60
Chao - 3/60

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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