Back and forth on who gets tonics CKadilen or Lianna

I’ve been back and forth on this, and I have to decide by the time we get the next Farholme tome.

Currently I have Max with emblems; Heimdall, Telluria, Tarlak.
At 3/70 I have C.Kadilen, Lianna, Zocc

And waiting to level, Toxicandra, Kingston and Bertilla.

For Lianna: I have many more Ranger emblems than Druid at the moment.
My green team is very support heavy and I need more hitters, the reason I plan to do Kingston next over Toxicandra.

For Kadilen: I see people really love her and she’s featured on a lot of top 10 teams. Personally I’ve never really used her that much and I don’t think she’d replace Heimdall as my green on the defense team. Mostly she’d be used for war.
I have her costume so she’d be stronger when finished and I can finish her costume special (stuck at 5/8 on the costume at 3/70)

Usually my logic can produce a strong decision in these cases but here I’m really back and forth Initially I favored Lianna, then convinced myself Kadilen and when I looked at the chunk of Ranger emblems from Valor I thought maybe it’s Lianna again.

Would love to hear thoughts.

Kingston or Lianna. You definitely needs a sniper.


Thanks! Thats kinda where I landed too. Kingston is 1/1 and Lianna is 3/70 so she’s ready to go. Definitely going to put Kingston up in my next team of 5*. Planning on Victor, Uraeus, Kingston, Reuben and Glenda.

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C.kad may be the single most powerful hero in the game at the moment. Anyone besides her is a specific need but c.kad blows heimdall out of the water

C. Kadilen is a lot more valuable than you other heroes in PvP modes.

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Agree with this - at least in defense. Her impact is greater than any other hero I can think of - fast, does damage, and a special that typically delays you for 3 turns and is only partly dispellable.
I’m not sure exactly how she would be on offense, but I’d guess very impactfull too

You’ve said it yourself, you have many supporters, so I’d go with Lianna or Kingston.
cKadilen is as useful in 3/70 as maxed, as long as her special is in 8/8, which I’m pretty sure it is; maxing her will only increase her survability, while a sniper needs to be maxed in order to make his job properly.

My 2 cents, hope it helps.


Yeah my regular Kadilen is 3/70 8/8 but the costume is 3/70 4/8, so her special is weak and I rarely use her. The only way to finish the costume up to 8/8 special is to give her the tonics.

I’ve seen how loved she is and personally I don’t see it she’s always been pretty low priority for my play style, I prefer slow heros in rainbow that crush when they fire, so heimdall with his resurrect has replaced the Telly I used since I started the game almost (I started the week before she was release last year)

Do those of you who use CK have her in your defense teams only or do you use her in wars etc?

Currently I’m running a double formation with this team on defense and I stay in 2600-2700 generally with it:

CViv +20, Heim +14, CElena +19, Alfrike +9, Athena +20

My team power is 4617, all 4* mana troops at 15 (yellow at 14)

So Heim and Alfrike as the front tanks and elenas stronger costume counterattack hitting all 5. It’s done well since I switched over. It would be interesting to see what impact putting CK in for heimdall would have, I wonder if going to one healer would make this team way easier to take down.

I will choose Kingston/Lianna, you really lack green hitter.

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I actually think that kingston is the best overall card you have to level. Even if he is at 1/1 he’s worth the tonics over Lianna.

If you care about raid D and a green tank its CKad.

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Depends which of them you plan to put emblems on because mostly: you can’t go wrong with C. Kadilen, Kings or Lia, honestly imo.

Any of them becomes a monster with emblem on, so that would be my question.

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C.Kadi, Kingston.
Lianna only hits hard, but Kingston’s attack-reducing skill has saved me many times. Heroes with reduced attack power can be used as tile dumps, greatly expanding the choice of tile movements.

I don’t think C.Kadilen needs to be elaborated. Now in a 5* VF tournament, C.Kadi will continue to dodge enemy skills forever with 6 tiles. I just played against the Finley, Frigg, Alfrike, Odin and C.Azlar team (all +20). C.Kadilen dodged most of the skills and won without problems.


I can get Lianna to +7 right away, CK to 2 and Kingston to 1, so another point for Lianna.


If I were in your shoes, I’d prioritize Kadilen and her costume and slowly emblem her with incoming druid emblems as they come following the sword path on the costume version since you don’t need her to be tanky as you have Heimdall and Telluria handling the tanking role.

Don’t get me wrong, those snipers are strong too (I have 2 Liannas maxed including each of their costume version) but while they only target 1 enemy hero without providing other much support, an attack-oriented costumed Kadilen hits all causing more total health removed to all 5 enemy heroes than any sniper. That AOE damage plus her dodging abilities resulting to a Thorn minion make her a double blade offensive-defensive hero, dishing out damage while protecting allies.

I have my Kadilen at 3/70 with 18 tonics in my inventory. Once I get her costume, some of those tonics will definitely go to her and I will emblem her opting for attack nodes on the costume version. She may not hit as hard like some other AOE hitters, but I have other heroes that can make her deal a bit more damage, i.e. Evelyn and Buddy. The thing is, me getting her costume may take me a while as I don’t summon heroes using gems anymore but prefer using keys, coins and tokens freely obtained as rewards from various sources.


Thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies, it really just reinforces what a challenging call this is, the opinion is pretty 50/50 so far

For me Tonics have been the rarest AM and darts the most common, I have a 5th yellow up and only 3 greens maxed. And ironically I have the most green heros I want to finish. I’d gladly give tonics to Zocc, he was amazingly useful in the tower last week. And beside that Lianna, Kadilen and Kingston are all clearly worthy and even Toxicandra and Bertilla I’d happily take up. Other colors I’m more in a position of having materials so I might as well ascend someone, but I’m not as excited by my options the way I am about ALL my green options.

One thing you make me consider is defense or offense, I think heros for offense are more valuable. In war we need six teams of offense over one team of defense. Heimdall is a beast tank and it’s hard for me to imagine replacing him with Kadilen even if I see the logic in it. I know people would scream at me to just take Noor’s 16 emblems and give them to Kadilen lol but I love using Freya and Noor together for super death minions.

I’m glad I still have a few days to think before I get the tonic from valor and the tome from the next Farholme in a week or so

Absolutely true, but often I want to deal hard damage to one specific enemy I’m trying to get out of the way rather than a general hurt on the team that weakens but doesn’t finish someone off. A lot of my team is slow 5* like Elena that hit all, I’m weak on hard snipers, CSartana, Domitia, Joon and Magni are my best there.

CKadilen is amazing and one of the best heroes in the game right now. If you were struggling for a defensive hero, I’d 100% recommend her since she’s great everywhere. However, since you have Heim at tank but lack any green hitter for those moments on offense where you absolutely just need to murk a single hero, my vote goes to Kingston.

I have both him and Lianna and whilst Lianna is great, his attack down and subsequent tile dump to ramp up that attack down to a whopping -54% is incredibly significant. This is even more relevant now with his hit three attack down being effective against all heroes in both of the double formations when targeting that central hero. It’s one of my favorite utilities in-game and has saved me more times than I can count. Plus he still hits hard.

Edit: Just want to add, that if you don’t have the emblems to put into Kingston, then Lianna may be the better option. Depends at what level you’re raiding/war to whether the emblems are going to be key.

Yeah also the fact that Kingston is at 1/1, so I’d have a couple weeks of getting him up to even use the tonics, and Lianna is at 3/70 ready to go. Im in the middle of some base projects so I’d rather not pause everything just to quick level Kingston up, but he is the next green 5* I’ll take to 3/70 for sure and I’m sure next time around I’ll have another dilemma between him and whoever I don’t do this time lol.

I’m coming to the thought that for most people in most cases CK is the obvious choice but in my certain circumstances I think it’s Lianna… but ask me again in 10 minutes :joy:

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