Looking to consolidate my roster...any advice?

I currently have a bloated roster with a handful of heroes I don’t really use, but maybe I should be? I’m looking to boost some of my stronger 4*/5* heroes and a handful of 3* using some of the heroes at the bottom of my roster. Any advice would be appreciated!!

I currently use Victor/Zimkitha/Aegir/Joon/WuKong as my top attack and defense team, but I’m building up a few others behind them as well. Is there a better team I should be building?

Current team rank 3249 with 1500+ trophies (though I don’t focus on that too much).

Thanks for your help!!

You’ve got a good roster there. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s bloated. Maybe it’s not bloated enough? Versatility and the ability to stack is a great benefit in offense in this game. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks! I guess bloated may not be the right word…I just feel like I have some really strong heroes and some not as much. I hang onto them, but I’m still trying to build up the stronger heroes and hopefully add to them.

I’m just wanting to make sure I’m building the right ones and that there aren’t any dark horses I should focus more on or dead weight that might better serve as feeders. Still trying to figure out which ones are the best I suppose. I’m trying to build up some newer ones like G Panther, Isarnia and Morgan Le Fay and maybe I’ll use one of those on my top team once they get there. Work in progress😉 thanks for your input!

I’m also looking for a new alliance. I’m still newer lvl 22 team rank 3249 but my current alliance keeps losing due to inactive war participants and titan battles with only 3 engaged players (losing or escaping by tiny margins which is worse than being just annihilated). Do you know of any alliances looking for an engaged player? I’m probably not the best but I don’t leave energy on the table.

I’ve often heard people call this game a marathon and not a race. As in, don’t worry that they aren’t leveled yet, they will be in the future. I have around 90 heroes in my roster… and growing. As you play, you’ll notice where your defense and attack are weak and you can focus on level up there. Sorry it’s not specific help, but only you will be seeing the feedback from your results.

Magni and Guardian Panther each got an A from Anchor’s spreadsheet.

I saw that. I just got Magni, and I’m currently working on leveling up G Panther. Thanks for your help! :grinning:

Yeah, I totally get that. I know that we all kind of have to formulate our own strategies and it really depends whether you prefer a more offensive or defensive approach, etc. it’s just nice to get feedback from people who have been playing longer, so I appreciate you taking the time! :wink:

Hey Kristiana, I don’t have any suggestions re; your roster as I’m fairly inexperienced and am not familiar (on a first hand level) with many of your heroes. However, I do want to address your comment about an alliance.

I’m in a fairly active group, and it sounds like you may be a good fit. I too am frustrated by players not participating, and we have been very active about booting those players. The result has been a smaller group, but everyone is pretty active. We have notched a few war wins against stronger teams just by out-participating them.

If you want more info, please check out a post I made about this in Alliance Recruitment (should be easy to find in my profile) - it would feel spammy and inappropriate to paste the whole thing in this thread. Regardless of where you go - good luck! Looks like you have a strong roster to level up.

Check out Magnificent Jr Bastards

Thanks! I’ll look it up. Like I said, I’m ok with losing legitimately, but losing because our players don’t opt out and don’t participate is getting frustrating. We’ve lost the last four wars by less than 200 points and three players with 6 war energy left including our leader :frowning:

I’m not saying I’m great but I’m at least trying to win and if I can’t be counted on to participate I’ll opt out.

I will check it out. Thank you!

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We have two spots available in Go Rin No Sho, if you are still interested Kristiana? Were a very active, friendly bunch of guys n’ gals. We get nearly all of our flags off in wars and against titans :slight_smile:

You have an amazing roster, and I definitely wouldn’t call it bloated, but maybe a little overwhelming with so many heroes that need leveling. I’ll throw you some advice/counsel, but it’s your decision whether you wanna take it or not:

First, I would focus on building up a few rainbow teams of 4* first. 4* have better stats than 5* up until 5* reach 4T, so most will benefit you more than 5* will (aside from the really good 5* with unique or beneficial specials, then I’d make an exception). Plus, 4* are much cheaper and quicker to level, and take a lot less unfarmable mats than 5* do. You can max two 4* for the price of one 5*.

After you get a few 4* leveled in each color is when I’d consider starting on your 3* to help fill out your roster for war and to let you compete in the beginner tier of the challenge event. They’re super fast and cheap. If you don’t care much for the beginner tier though, you could continue with a few more 4*, dupes, or start on your 5*.

Usually, I would wait to work on 5* til you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to take them to 80. If their specials are beneficial, or if you run out of other good heroes to work on, are the two exceptions I would make to leveling them earlier than usual. Maxed 4* can be used to complete everything in game too, so I’d highly recommend getting a few in each color to max first. Then you’ll be ready to get some more of those 5* in the works.

Also, I would focus on one hero in each color at a time. Throwing feeders around to too many mouths at one time can slow your progress down significantly. I would suggest working on one hero in each color at a time until their either 1. Maxed or 2. At the mat wall. I would stick to on-color feedings while doing that as well, since that gives you the most exp per feeder.

As a rule of thumb, I would always keep your last copy of every 4* and 5* hero due to rarity. I would also keep one copy of all of the good 3* to participate in the event. Dupe 3* are only necessary if you’re lacking in a color, or you plan to eventually compete in the beginner tier. Dupe 4* and 5* however, are worth keeping if they’re good. Though, if you do a lot of pulls, I would keep about one or two dupes of limited time heroes and 5*; the regular 4* you’ll be able to get back through TC20 or pulls. If you don’t do many pulls though, then I’d keep them all just in case, with a max of maybe three dupes.

It’s fairly cheap, in the grand scheme of things, to expand your hero roster. I would highly recommend it; especially if you’re considering eating a few heroes that you think you may one day use just to have more space. It costs less than a summons, and never goes away or disappoints you. Probably one of the best gem investments in this game.

4* That Deserve Your Attention:

Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Falcon, Lancelot and Scarlett (for high attack stats)

Blue: Grimm, Kiril (Sonya and Triton if you pull them)

Green: Buddy, Caedmon, Melendor, Gadeirus (for a buff in green), Little John (high attack stat), and maybe Kashhrek (if you need more healers for war/an amazing tank in the low plat range)

Yellow: Wu Kong and Chao for mana control (Li Xiu would also be worth it too)

Purple: Merlin (Tibs, Rigard and Sabina if you pull them)

3* Worth Keeping and Leveling:

Red: Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Namahage, Rudolph

Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar, Gato

Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden and Mnesseus

Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani and Melia

Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Gill-Ra and Chochin

Your Top 5* That Deserve Mats:

Red: Zimkitha for that fast cleanse and buff, and Marjana for a fast sniper- one of those two first. Azlar is great for his DOT and attack stat, so he’d be next (in my book), after Zim and Marj. Elena also has a nice high attack stat. Khagan, well, yeah no.

Blue: Isarnia’s lowering defense ability is amazing, and Magni is an amazing sniper that raises defense, and Misandra could be nice for the mana gain and fast sniper- so it’s between those three. Aegir, idk about him. Thorne, not so much.

Green: Morgan is actually pretty good, but there are just so many more amazing greens, so idk if I’d take her to 80 unless she’s your only green 5* for awhile.

Yellow: Joon is an amazing sniper, and Vivica is the best healer, so one of those two depending on what you need (sniper or healer). Justice is an alright tank, but I’d do the first two over her. Guardian Owl, meh.

Purple: Guardian Panther is amazing, but she does need other purples to maximize her potential, and that’s where Merlin being maxed could be a huge help. Her dispel will still be useful, so she deserves to be maxed. Victor is also very good with his very fast mana and defense buff (and high attack stat), so I’d put him second probably. Quintus can be last.

For maxing your first 5*, I would pick the most versatile heroes out of the bunch, since they’ll be your only 80s for some time. Obviously, you should ascend whoever fills the role that best fits your priorities (ex. Titans, raids, events, etc.) and build your team around that. You don’t want to run all utility heroes, or all snipers. Mix and match to build the most effective team, that has a solid synergy going on.

Like I said earlier, I would focus on maxing at least the first couple of 4* I listed before working on more 5*. First though, I’d finish off all your heroes at 3T to 70 to maximize their damage output, but then after, start on those 4* til they’re maxed or at the mat wall. Those 4* at 4/70 will be stronger than your 5* at 3/70.

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@Kristiana, are you full pay to play, or cheapish? Your roster looks like you have spent a few bucks.

Sometimes, that can cause good advice to go bad as it was meant for free to play players.

Your roster is very nice. It does not need trimming. What it will need is you stepping back and guestimating what ascension materials you expect to get and in what order. There is a calendar of rare quests for help.

The real guessing with that comes from defeating titans and all the chests that you can fill. You will need a largish, fully active alliance for that.

If you can see yourself getting half or more of a 4* ascension mat (the ones necessary to raise a 5* hero from 3^70 to 4^80), do not max a 4* hero unless it will stay alive in a diamond attack team.

Your team imo should be working on its 5s as it looks like you will be able to finish rare quests. Those quests give you all mats needed to raise a rainbow 5 team.

A few observations:

  1. A strong roster will have several useful heroes of each color. There’s no such thing as the one perfect team, so being able to swap out heroes for different purposes (titans, events, alliance war) is important. You have a good start on that.

  2. Your roster is very thin on leveled healers. I would concentrate on getting Boldtusk and Kiril leveled up quickly. They both also have very useful buffs that will improve team performance, and you’ll find that you do b better when you can include them at need. Vivica is a very strong healer, but it’s going to take quite a while to get her maxed out.

  3. You’re very weak in green. Caedmon is the best green sniper at 4*. I’d prioritize getting him leveled up. I know you’ve spent resources on Skittleskull, but I think you’ll find that Caedmon is more useful overall

  4. After you get Kiril leveled, Grimm should be your next blue priority. His damage and debuff make him an amazingly useful hero.

Just buy more hero space. It aint that expensive. When you have over 150 heroes, then maybe we can call it slightly bloated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it. I haven’t logged on in a while, but I have three at top tier ascension (not to 80 yet) with wu Kong, Aegir (those two work really well together I’ve found…but apart is hit or miss) and Zim. Joon, Morgan, Victor and G Panther are close. I am lucky to be a part of a very active and effective alliance, so I had a decent stockpile of ascension items. I was also lucky enough to pull onatel almost immediately with a stockpile of summons from various events/titans/chests/wars and have her pretty far along. I really like her. Beyond that, I’m building up a 4* team as well and a three star. All being diverse color wise. I’m currently working on Vivica to catch her up as I admit I got sidetracked by the shiny new toy in Onatel…it happens.

At any rate, I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes, but I sure do appreciate you taking the time to put together such a detailed assessment. It’s a huge help.

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I have more hero space. I think it wasn’t so much bloated like there was useless heroes and I wanted the space, but more overwhelming maybe. But I did get more space and decided to hang onto them until I had a plan in terms of who to push and which ones to sit on for now. Thanks for the advice :grin:

Yeah, I agree with your assessments. Skittleskull was one of the first heroes I had. But I haven’t really put much into him to level once better ones came along. I’m working on Vivica and Kiril now, and almost have boldtusk to 4 ascension. And I’ve got a couple 5* near there or higher now with one almost fully leveled. At this point it’s just going to take some time. My boyfriend was the one who started playing, and he spent a ton of $$$ out of the gates, but he got bored and quit playing so I started to play and have been building the teams he started but I don’t spend $$$ like he did, so instead I spent time stockpiling summons and ascension items and building up my base. Now I’m starting to use those items to level teams. I kind of like the strategy part of that, but it’s noce to have some ideas from others, so thanks for your help there! :smiley:

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