My current roster

Hi, I would greatly appreciate some help with my Hero Roster please. I guess who is worth levelling up & keeping, should I work more on my 4* & 5* or stick to maxing out the 3* I’ve already got? Which heroes would make a strong team for wars & raids?
Any suggestions or advice would be awesome. Thank you in advance.

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Early on, 5 stars will take too many resources to max before you really get bang for your buck. You’re better off investing in a decent 3 and 4 star team. That said, do not feed away any 5 stars, even if they are duplicates. They can be used for soul exchange to swap for a different 5 star.

Purple- probably your weakest color at the moment. The season 1 3 stars without costume won’t hold up. I’d work on Tibertus. All the better if yoh can snag his costume.

Yellow- my pick would be Li Xu. Bertulf is a solid hero, esp for Titan hits. Kvasir with costume is fun.

Blue- Azmia, hands down. She’s great.

Green- Gramps is a good pick. Caedmon isn’t the newest but a solid hero. I used him for a LONG time.

Red- Colen certainly isn’t bad, but slow. Scarlet is decent. Neema was a great snag- she’ll serve you well.

You’re off to a decent start in terms of roster. Don’t get too discouraged by seeing all the new heroes they release very day- the pace of release is overwhelming. Expanding your roster is space with gems is a good idea if you can do it, esp if it means not feeding away any 5 stars.

If you’re not already in an alliance, find a team to play with. The loot for titans and other events is worth it and having a team for feedback is invaluable.

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Concentrate your efforts. You are leveling all over the place.
Feed same color feeders to heros which means you are working at 5 heros at a time.

Finish Balthazar.
If you have the mats finish Ahhotep because he is already advanced so far.
Tyrum always comes in handy especially if you get his costumes.

Finish Bane and Kvasir. Kvasir is a great hero and you have the costume!
After this if you have the mats finish Griffin.

Finish Azima or get her to 3/60. Defenitely top priority!
Finish Gato.
Finish Grimm or get him to 3/60.

Finish Belith.
Caedmon and Mielikki are both very good.
Since you have the costumes for Caedmon he will be your first OP hero.
Will take a long time to finish him and all his costumes though.

Finish Azar.
Boots could be the next one then.

Wish you best of luck and would advise to spend money on this game with maybe the exception of vip.

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Looking a LONG way ahead, you have 4 cards with permanent value. c2 Wu Kong, Almur / c Almur, and c2 Colen give you abilities that are relatively rare and perenially useful against titans. Kvasir / c Kvasir is unique as a minion inhibitor at 3* level, and the buff blocking on the costume is also rare at fast speed.

In the short term, you need a reliable farming team. To limit the ‘wasted’ investment long term, I would pick a rainbow farming team of Kvasir + Belith + Azmia (which will increase your durability a lot) plus Tiburtus and Colen. Tiburtus is also a good titan hero.

You could flip the blue/purple skills by picking Cyprian+Grimm above Azmia+Tiburtus, but in the short run Azmia’s extra bonuses make her superior until you pick up Cyprian costumes.