Big Roster But Need Help Setting Up Teams

I have a lot of good heroes but I’m not quite understanding how to set up my teams. I’m confused on the specific order they should be. I understand the tank position but that’s about it. My titan battles always get low scores. I really need to bring those up for my alliance’s sake.
Here is my roster:

Anzogh 80 / 6 emblems
Obakan 80/ 7 emblems
Onatel 80 / 3 emblems
Richard 80 / 6 " "
Grazul 80 / 5 " "
Kadilen 80 / 3 " "
Miki 80 / 3 " "
Chao 70 / 20 " "
Joon 80 / 4 " "
Caedmon 70 / 16 " "
Colon 4/70
Boldtusk 70 / 11 " "
Cyprian 70 / 14 " "
Sonya 4 / 70
Jabbar 70 / 0 " "
Kingson 80 / 7 " "
Leonidas 80 / 7 " "
Khagan 3/70
Lianna 3/70
Merlin 4/70
Melendor 70 / 6 " "
Marjana 80 / 9 " "
Margaret 3/70
Sartana 80 / 3 " "
Neith 3/70
Grimble 3/49
Grimm 70 / 2" "
Elkanen 3/36
Rigard 70 / 20 Fully ascended costume
Rumplestiltskin 4/58
Isarnia 3/45
Wilbur 70 / 3 " "
Wu Kong 3/57
Sabina 70 / 20 " "
Ranvir 3/68
Azlar 3 / 22
Hansel 3 / 58
Guardian Chameleon 2/32
Thorne 2 /35
Cheshire Cat 3/8

Some I haven’t started on:

Horgall 1/19
Triton 1/29
Elena 1/13
Little John
Guardian Falcon

Plus many duplicates. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kingston>Grazul>Rumplestiltskin>Joon>Sartana that should keep you low D high Plat. lots of good stuff there. So many options though, I hope your just looking for fresh eyes. So many fun paths.

Purely fun try Hansel>Proteus>Onatel>Rumple>Large Marj or BT, whatever red makes sense. So much fun raid material.

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Thank you for the response. I’ll give your suggestions a try.

You should definitely max proteus and falcon and buddy, titan hits you should look at taking miki every time and make up the rest of the team out of heroes that are the strong colour (yellow vs purple titans, blue vs red titans etc) focusing on a high attack stat and trying to include a defence down hero (eg Grimm wilbur c cat buddy etc) a elemental defence down if you have it (falcon is the only one you have at the moment) a healer of you will likely need it. You should use mana potions to power up miki and your defence down hero and fire them first (after using bear banners possibly) and then stun the titan as often as possible unless you are making a diamond.

You can search for titan hitting guides if you want a more in depth guide but that is the basics

So much good information! Thank you so much.

I totally could be wrong, but look at the line up and the level of hero’s. My guess is LadyCheri knows how to play, she is just suffering from tunnel vision as we all may suffer. She wants fresh ideas for line ups out of her stables. keep her interested! This is not said to reduce your point, some of the great 4* have been neglected Hansel, Proteus, Boril, Falcon, Buddy and Triton, wilbur is being worked and still needs love but come on people come up with some interesting lineups! Nobody gets this far without getting the basics, get creative. Somebody build a Jabbar team for the love of god!

I may have missed the point also but this is what I was replying to

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I would offer more help if asked regarding defence teams but imo raid defence is meaningless as long as you can open your chests in diamond, if anyone wants war defence help we need to know what colour tanks the alliance uses etc but I’m happy to line with anyone that wants more specific advice as are many other more qualified players than me

I get the “basics” and have been working steadily to level my heroes as I get them. What I’m not understanding is buffs and de buffs. I’m not sure what order to put heroes in where these attributes are best used. What heroes actually compliment each other and in what order. A person can play the game for a long time and still not get it fully. If I knew exactly what I was doing I certainly wouldn’t embarrass myself and ask for help. I’m good but, I want to get better and truly understand what I’m doing.

Do you use line @LadyCheri ?

Yes I do. I can show you how I’m siting up my teams.

My line id is the100thmonkey if you would like to go through a few things

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Thank you. I’d appreciate the help.

Good looking Cheri I hope this gets a bit more attention. So many options so much fun! I feel like an SG cheerleader but I’m one of those that have had GREAT luck! wishing you and yours the same!

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