Team advice and who to ascend Next

Hello guys . I have only one Compass left (sad) and some heroes waiting for being maxed.

Current roster.

Hu tao 4/70
Sabina 4/70
Gormek 4/70
Kashhrek 4/50
Sonya 4/70
Boldtusk 4/10
Rigard 4/1

Little John 3/60
Colen 3/60
Grimm 1/20
Tritón 1/30
Li xiu 3/52
Grobber 1/1
Tiburtus 3/30
Ameona 1/1
Hu tao 1/1
Melendor 3/33

My idea is make a defense team that goes around and help Rigard one of the best 4* i have .
Boldtusk and Rigard goes well . I have doubts if use Sonya or better Ascend Grimm .
On the other hand greens dont seem very exciting to me .
And yellow li xiu would be a nice addition.

Thanks in advance !

I would say Li xiu, grimm or newt.
×Li xiu can be extremely top in 4 * tournament raid as for the events.
×For newt, its improvement and increase in healing gain can be great in raid / tournament raid. Personally, I would recommend one of the two.
×Grimm is a strong event player, he can be essential thanks to his 34% defense.

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My vote would be for Grimm

He’s got a mega attack stat and hits the hardest of the three defence down heroes (gormek, tibs and Grimm).

Also can’t go wrong with Li, Little John or Triton


In my honest opinion, I would max out Grimm next, followed by Triton and Li Xiu.
However not sure how your six war teams are fixed for healers, so don’t underestimate / overlook Melendor.
Good luck

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Grimm and Tiburtus are must haves. Great for stacking and its good to have a defense down hero of different colours for titans

So the time has come .

My choices are Li xiu vs Grimm VS Little John.

And as far i know i regret a little bit for ascending kashhrek so another maxed green would be great.

With little John the team would be

Sonya Boldtusk Rigard Hu tao Little John .

With Grimm

Sonya Rigard Boldtusk Hu tao Grimm

With Li xiu

Sonya Rigard Boldtusk li xiu Gormek (i have maxed him)

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