Help in assembling team

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading the posts around in the forum and found them really helpful! But despite that, I’ve struggled quite a bit to assemble my strongest team.

I would like to ask for your help to form a team that is strong and versatile - to be use in raids, raid defense and maps etc. And/or a team that works best together in terms of synergy etc.

Some notes:

  • I don’t have enough mats to ascend anymore blue or green (5*)
  • I have enough mats to ascend one 5* yellow, two 5* red and two 5* purple.
  • I am a F2P player.
  • I have level 8 and 10 mana troops for blue, yellow and red. Will work to level these.

Here is my current roster:

Thanks in advance! Let me know if you need any other information :slight_smile:

I would ascend cElena and Sartana, they are both really good and versatile heroes. Marjana should be next.

When it comes to yellow, it’s a bit more difficult. Since you have cRigard, I wouldn’t give the darts to Vivica. It’s between Uraeus and Norns. Uraeus is better at raids, Norns shine in the Mythic Titan events.

But for a first 5* yellow, I’d probably choose Uraeus.

On defence you could run Kadilen-Magni-Elena-Uraeus-Sartana - it lacks synergy (heroes who boost defence don’t work very well with counterattack heroes since the damage would be lower and Kadilen isn’t ideal in the corner) but it should be good enough.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m leaning to ascend sartana too. But for C.Elena I’m having second thoughts just because I’m low on fighter emblems (as I have used them Magni and Boldtusk).

I have to agree the yellow one is tough, I really wanted Vivica for a long time but when I finally got her, I’m abit hesitant because of how she’d fit in my roster (and it sucks since she share the same emblems as Rigard). Unless of course if I pull cvivica somehow then it’s a no brainer for me. Considering I’m F2P I’m trying to save up my emblems for 5* heroes so I can get a really strong team and get further in the map stages etc.

Rigard for me somehow seems quite squishy and quite often dies before casting his special - probably because I don’t have a purple mana troop, and with cBoldtusk and mana troop in comparison, Boldtusk would be my main healer.

Interesting that you suggested a defence team with no healer - I haven’t thought about one like that! I’ll have some think about that one :slight_smile:

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I wonder if anyone else has any other thoughts/suggestions/tips? :slight_smile:

No, he hit the nail on the head pretty good!

Thanks! I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion of a team with at least one healer? I think I feel a bit more confident with my defensive team if there’s a healer in it.

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