Youtubers: Let's see those E&P Vids

Soo got permission to start a thread for youtubers to post their E&P related non beta and non offensive videos.

Feel free to share pvp vids, titan vids, info vids, whatever really

I’d kick it off but i currently dont have any recorded for YouTube since Line is my main media but i know some of you post throughout the forum



Share those vids u got stocked

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You have no idea how many I’ve got, but the ones involving strategies for our alliance is staying with me.

Raiding #1

Raiding #2

Raiding #3 (fail)

Misandra and Alby save this raid

Perfect raid run with great music

Christmas final stage: hard mode

These are all the videos I have so far, but I guarantee to post some more. I haven’t started doing war videos yet, but one I do, I’ll upload them to my YouTube channel and then post them here. Feel free to follow my channel and like/dislike my videos. Ttfn (ta ta for now) #KingKyree #peaceoutfornow

Edit: here’s another video of me getting my butt kicked by RNGESUS.

Here I am getting my butt kicked!


Why Aegir sucks.

New Year Eve pull

Don’t be angry with me.:grin:


I just started up a series of videos built around my growth. Basically, I’m recording each of my titan hits and merging that titan’s hits together for that particular video. I’m doing this because I’m so new. I have a rainbow 3* squad for now and am just now leveling my first two 4* heroes. You’ll see frustration and lots of weakness as I attempt (and generally fail) to perform admirably against these 7* and 8* titans… but that should be a fun thing to see, too: it’s documenting my growth.

I have a playlist started for each of the elements. Here’s the Titan Series: Fire. It’s got the most videos so far. Generally speaking I’ve only encountered one titan of each color so far, so come see my growth, comment, encourage me, and help me get better! :slight_smile:

I’ll also be putting together a State of the Squad address every 3-4 weeks to highlight new team acquisitions and ascension/leveling goals for the team. I rambled a bit in the first one, but it should at least serve as a good starting point!

I also plan to put together a whole series of tutorial style videos. I’ve intentions for 7 or 8 of those already. My channel goal as far as E&P is concerned is to put out there quality family-friendly content that is gameplay oriented and not so pull focused. Hope you enjoy!


Quest tutorials - for teaching newbies how to complete rare and event quests.

Season 2 tutorials - same as above but for Atlantis provinces

War tutorials - How to build teams for war. Geared toward newbies and using underpowered heroes.

Lagoon Family Raiding

Purple Trio Raiding

Red Trio Raiding

Green Trio Raiding

Yellow Trio Raiding

Blue Trio Raiding


Nice, glad this is pickin up speed. It’ll be fun watchin all of em


Added to my watching list. Gj @Rigs! :+1:


Here’s my latest video of my war raid hits from January 6th, 2019. Cervantes from Crew-Raiders: War Hits


Outstanding topic! Been looking for something like this

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Hopefully we get more responders lol

So ive recently started recording my war hits just for review and looking for advice here’s the vids of todays


here are some good tips:

i lke the one that says to have 2 healers per attacking team.


Also the defensive tips:


@Razor has a great Youtube videos related to E&P please share em here brother.
Also @Anchor and
@Xero786 has a thread about this
Will link it here:

Have A great day @Rigs


Here’s a bit of entertainment for you. I was making a run for #1, and 3k trophies, which I did achieve…just not with this team lol. This is what happens when you don’t swipe right…


Why dont you use panther before obakan? :thinking:
And why not target alby first?


Lol, I didn’t think about using Panther first or targeting alby as I was still getting over the fact that I hadn’t swiped right to the team I’d chosen.

I could of fled but I prefer to fight till the bitter end.


You should have won. Taking the tank down and being max health that was the win right there. :wink:


Thanks. It was alot of fun, once I got over the initial shock. Be interesting to try again one day,


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