Looking for help with team

Evening guys,

I’ve been playing this game for 6 months now and have gathered and leveled a decent group of 4* and a few 5* heroes, but I’ve come to a point where I have to decide whether I’ll level my current heroes or should wait around for better/different types. I’m a C2P player and do spent some money on nice offers. I also have a VIP pass. I’m planning to spent some gems on the coming guardians event for either Jackal or Panther (whom both will be a great addition for both raid and titan). Here below some screens of my current team and mats. All leveled heroes are at 8/8 currently (except for 1.19 Azlar).

Could you please take a look at my team and give me some advice on whether I should ascend some or just keep them where they are. Oh and sorry for the lame heroes and item names, but I’m Dutch :). Thanks in advance!

Grtz, Olaf

Inari is good she deserves to be promoted, you have a lot of shields, so you can bring boril up as well, and you will get great blue mono team for war. Azlar also deserves to get those hidden blades, and if you will be lucky and get falcon, azlar can be deadly after boldtusk, grimm and falcon.
For purple a think, if you will bring sabina and cyprian up then you will be another deadly mono purple, for green wait, maybe can bring muggys up they are fun to play in raid tournaments and events.

Thanks, this was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile: Unfortunately I didnt get any of the Telcon heroes on my 2x10 pull, so I have to deal with these heroes. I’m leveling Muggy atm, he looks fun! Also Sabina and Boril are getting maxed. I’m not sure bout Azlar yet, might wait around for something cooler. Not very into slow AOE.

How do you feel about Aeron btw? His heal does look ok, dont think he’s worth the tabards tho.

Thanks again for your reply!