Need team help/advice pls

Hi all,
I’m getting myself all in a muddle and can’t settle on which hero’s to level :thinking:

Would really appreciate any advice please on what would my best defense team would be and what would be my best offensive team and positioning on both.

Hopefully it will give me the impetuous and motivation to just work on those hero’s and not spread myself to thin.

Thanks again in advance for any advice. Hero pics below.

Ack sorry photos wrong way round. The bottom photo has my current strongest decks

Figure out what type of Team you want to build and then go from there find out which heros help each other the most to get the job done you have a lot of really good heroes

I apologize for this but I’m hijacking this topic since I sit in that boat too… Defense team… I’ve tested setups, I’ve been thinking and overthinking so I need a second opinion to get some new perspective. any help/thoughts are welcome.

Overthinking is the main problem for me TBH.
Trying to work out best synergies, decks etc so that I can properly focus on levelling just a few heroes to get better decks.

At your stage in the game although the 5s look more appealing, maxed 4(s would serve you better at this point in the game. I’d consider levelling you best rainbow 4 team first with your best 4*s

Those would be boldtusk, kiril ,li xiu (for defence) ,wukong ( for offence) ,caedmon and amonna.

Defence would be something like:

Kiril-caedmon-boldusk(although healer still very tanky)-li xiu-caedmon

yup Biting myself in the a** and refusing to let go, that’s me and overthinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Still that dorf Kiril eludes me but i’m very patient when I sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve got alot of good heros @Carrots if you had the secondary troops you should try:

Drake is probably the tankiest.
Magni buffing the healer is always good, hes meant for flank.
Dom is fairly protected by drake if they stack dark.
Zim is fast and works even better left flank because shes fast and you want her buff to go off first but it’s kinda tricky with these heros and the doubling up red.
Bold is tanky and out of the way.

Let me know what you think, and what your current defence looks like.

TY for reply Rhea1123 :slight_smile:

Do you rate Amonna then ?

Ref your defense selection you have Caedmon listed twice however I only have 1 of him.

Thanks again

Oops my apologizes, I meant amonna. Shes decent, since I already reccomend 2 healers that’s puts sabina out and shes slightly better defensively than tiburtus although hes nearly as good and actually better offensively imo

Of you arent already familiar anchors hero grading spreadsheet it is a very helpful tool. Hes left the game so I dont know of it will still be updated but you should definitely check it out.

currently i’m trying out the annoyance team Li xiu - merlin - fake dong - proteus - chao
but for the most part i use zim - G.jackal - magni -gravemaker - drake but ill try your idea :slight_smile:

Lol! Fake dong is right. Only 2 more levels for your fire mana troop to shave a tile off of GM too nice.

@Rhea1123, much appreciated, TY for your help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Second opinions are always helpful as well, here is the link to the previously mentioned spreadsheet. It’s a very helpful tool.

thx a bunch, maybe it’ll be easier to build with a solid tank somewhere in the near future :slight_smile:

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