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Which to put time into first. It was easy when I only had a couple of worthy hero’s.

Grimm/Kiril, Li Xiu, Gormek/Boldtusk, LJ, Balthazar.

You will find them very useful for a long time to come

Belith, gunnar and hawkmoon are ones you want to look at. Again useful to you for a long while.

Thanks for the reply

No problem. I hope it helps a little bit, the 4* I use daily and the 3* still get used for events and trials after a year playing. You’ve got a great start.

Elena at 3.70 can really, really devastate a team with her AoE and then riposte

First thing i see is that you are spreading out your leveling to different heroes. Pick one and then bring it up as high as you can (such as 3/60 if you don’t have the mats to pull into the next ascension.)
For Reds, finish working on Boldtusk and then Gormek. After you finish those 2. Max out Hawkmoon. She’s great to have for a war hero and also for rare tier challenge events.
Yellows, i know that Onatel is nice and a 5*, but she will be expensive to level. Being Li Xiu up to at least 3/60 first and at that point if you have no other Yellow to work on, go back to her.
Green, finish Little John, then i would go for Belith. Healers will keep you alive in tough levels.
Do you have the stuff to bring Grimm up all the way? If not, i would work in Gunnar first before Kiril. He’ll be cheaper to level and you’ll use him in the next challenge event in a month.
Purple, finish Tyrum before you work on Balthazar.
Are you leveling by colors? You get an xp bonus by feeding the same color to a hero.
Nice starting roster

Thank you for the detailed information… I am on hold with Grimm waiting on a cape
At first I was just feeding whatever to whoever but recently have been feeding by color

Thanks Again

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One pair of fine gloves… who should get them ?