Looking for advice: Which (2nd?) 5* green / nature hero should I ascend?

Hi fellow gamers;
I have been playing for 2 and a half years as a C2P (perhaps some months expending more than I should) and - IMO - I have had some luck with my summons. Nevertheless, my 5* green roster is kind of limited. I will begin with the list of my current maxed (4-80) 5* heroes:

FIRE: Marjana +13; Azlar +6; Zim +5; Jean F.; Elena; Lady Loki
ICE: Isarnia; Ariel +11; K. Arthur +4; Magni (C ); Aegir +7; Alice
HOLY: Joon; Drake +14; Poseidon +6; Vivica (C ) +5; Malosi; Leonidas
DARK: Seshat +11; Ursena +11; Hel +11; Clarissa; Sartana
NAT.: Kingston +9; Alby +11; Evelyn +7; Lianna

I have 16 tonics and +30 shields so I have decided to ascend one more nature 5* hero. I have the following options:
Evelyn2 ------- 3-70
Kingston2 ---- 3-70
Zocc ----------- 1-1
Kadilen -------- 1-1
Horghall (C ) – 1-1

I believe is also important to mention that I have some 4* nature heroes like Buddy, Almur and Brynhild plus all the S1 including costumes for Caedmon & Melendor.

My preference is going to 2nd Kingston or 2nd Evelyn as I am not convince about my other options.
I would appreciate your comments!

Thank you

Nice options

I’d probably go second Evelyn out of that lot. She is so good, and in wars you can have two very effective 3-2 green parts each with an Evelyn and a sniper

My second Evelyn is waiting at 70, not sure if if she’d be my next ascension but she’d certainly be in the conversation

Thanks @Infinite!
1 vote for Evelyn

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I’d go Evelyn too, though there’s nothing wrong with doing another Kingston straight afterwards if you have that many mats waiting…