Next Green 5* to Ascend- King, MN, or Zeline

I’m being very indecisive on my next green and could use the vast wisdom of this forum. Thanks in advance!

Full 5*s:
Dark: Hel +8, Ursena +7, Seshat +7, BW +10
Holy: Super Joon +7, Poseiden +7, Guin +6, Inari +6
Red: Marjana +6, Anzogh, Grazul
Blue: Frida +6, Miki +5, Magni +1
Green: Evelyn +6, Lianna +2

Greens waiting for final tonic to arrive.
MN 3/70. Finally got her. Wanted to pull trigger, but now questioning.
Kingston 3/70. Been sitting on him waiting for tonics until MN showed up.
Tarlak 3/70. I have Miki, so I just throw him in for mono titan stack.
Hatter 3/70. Fun, but definitely a long-term project.
Zeline 1/1. Just pulled. By the time I get my final tonic, I can have her at 3/70.

Order of preferred activities:
Titans. Just fun.
Challenges. Fun with predictable goodies.
AW. Mainly tank busting for my mates who have less powerful teams.
Raids. I stay in lower diamond. I’ll never catch the leaders. Just filling chest.

I’m leaning in order

  1. Kingston because I like a stack of Kingston, Evelyn, Lianna, and Tarlak.
  2. MN because I don’t have any of the true 5* healers. Just a Dapper Rigard+20 and a BT+19.
  3. Zeline because everyone seems to love her. And she’s great!

Open to any feedback. Given tonic availability and season 3 unknowns, 1 or 2 of these may never see 4/80.

For me Kingston 100 percent. He is awesome everywhere.

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You seem to have a great group of snipers and few 5* healers. Momma North gets my vote.


Mother North is a complete game changer. Revive, heal and minions. She changes how you do everything. I have her maxed with emblems and I also have Kingston maxed. Love them both but MN is too much of a complete package that it would be difficult to back up any claim to not have her maxed ASAP.

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@MrGeetz You have a good problem. I wish everyone has this kind of issue. I suggest you analyze which of them is really useful for you. A brief insight of these heroes are as follows:

Kingston - decent sniper but not really a killer. second (or perhaps third or fourth) only to Lianna (noone still beats her with her raw damage output on a single target), whom you already have.

Mother North - a healer and reviver. she also summons minions to serve as meat shields to all your standing heroes as well as they deal a bit of damage to the enemies. may be used in mono stacking as well as in any other attack formation strategy.

Zeline - an overall hero, this heroine is one of the most versatile HOTM out there, coveted by most players, including me.

For me, it is a close call between MN and Zel. And if I were the one blessed with this problem, I would use my tonics on MN.

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Not even close to a tough decision here IMO. MN is the best offensive hero in the game. She will let you win raids you had no business winning. She is no slouch on defense either in the left wing…

Kingston and Zeline are both fine A-grade heroes, but they just don’t have the game-changing skill that MN has.

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I have MN maxed a year now. On offense she is in my team most of the time. A suberp winning machine for almost lost battles. Kingston is a top tier sniper - a little bit better than Lianna but not near MN level. IMO.
Btw.: i would ascend Zeline over Kingston with a maxed Lianna on the roster.

you have 2 great hitters already and a dispeller. For titan buff you have Miki so no real need for Tarlak.

MN is unique and the right answer I would say

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For me, MN is way more important that King. I would pick her every time.

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Wow! Thanks for the feedback. I expected the responses to be all over the place. Looks like it will be MN. Now I just need to patient and wait for last tonic instead of being frivolous and buying that new $99.99 ‘bargain.’

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I’m back with a new wrinkle in plan. I was leaning to MN over Kingston. I managed to pull Ariel yesterday, so now I have a 5* healer. Given that, would you change your recommendations? Consider also that I have Aegir ready to go. So options are MN+Ariel, MN+ Aegir, King or Z+Ariel or King or Z+Aegir. After 1.5 years, I should not be such a noob. Thanks in advance.

Here I’m with the same puzzle.
Which blue gets my next scopes??!!
Issy, Magni, Vela??!!
Maxed 5* - Frida, Mikky, Rabbit, Finley.
Me having goodies of maxed 4* as well.
Me mostly prefers for titans. :blush:
Thx in advance. :).

Mother North, still. Please be reminded that she also heals (like Ariel), but revives dead allies on a chance, and summons minions. As for your blues, it depends on which hero complements your bench. Ariel is also good overall due to her average mana and mana regen, with decent attack damage ideal for stacking. Aegir is most useful as tank, though he may not be the best tank out there.

I vote for Magni, Magni, and Magni.

MN first since sturdy 4.80 MN is able to revive 3.70 zeline and other heroes and not vice versa.

Next target for tonic is zeline. She is a precious gems

Stop what you’re doing right now, and max Mother North.

That’s what my alliance told me when I pulled her over a year ago. And I’ve never looked back.

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Nope. MN is still worth doing. I bring MN AND Ariel frequently in raids. They are an amazing duo. And BOTH are on my defense, which holds mid-diamond and wins >50%.

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