Looking for advice on my line up

Hi, I’ve gained a few 5* heroes and just wondering who you would swap in my defence team if anyone. I’m happy enough with it and couldn’t be without Wu or Rigard but know replacing either would eventually boost the strength. Thank you in advance.

You’ve got some lovely heroes, but not much depth, and you seem to be training everybody all at once? I’d suggest concentrate on one set of five heroes and do single colour training.

Wu isn’t a noted defender, and if you want to maintain a rainbow, Leo is probably the best. But you can leave Wu if you like.

I’d stop training Ranvir, as you already have emblemed Wu, unless you are fighting 11+ star titans. I’d probably keep going with Miki though, with mana pots I think he/she will be boss of Titans

I wouldn’t be too worried about defense, just ascend your heroes and build your depth

To me, your training priorities should be Sartana, BT, Leo, Hansel, Wilbur, Magni, Miki. I feel like you’re probably going to hit an ascension material ceiling, because I feel you’re relatively early in the mid game. Working on fours might do you better at the moment if that’s the case


One other question - what happened to all your threes?

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Thank you, by depth do you mean lack of other heroes? I have 30 only and use everyone else as feeders. Been trying to build the best teams for war offence and one for defence, i do miss out on certain challenge events i know. But yes I’ve been guilty of feeding everything else to everyone

So it would be a good idea to have more than 30 heroes. You need depth for colourstacking , and in wars where tanks are colour matched, you need as many of the strong colour as you can for your attacks.

Also, not every hero is right for every situation. Having choice is very powerful, so you don’t have to bring a sword to a gunfight


Thank you for all the advice, I’ll start doing this

Leonidas instead of wu seems good but you need to level him first

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