Looking for a new alliance with active players

Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for a new alliance with active players who enjoy this game…

About me & what I can offer:

  • I started playing in May 2018
  • Level 26
  • An almost maxed out 4* rainbow team
  • Currently working on maxing more 4 * Characters
  • Defense Team: 3300 (avg)
  • Titan/Offense Team: 3200 (avg)

My requirements:

  • The alliance is based in GMT+1 (Europe)
  • Main focus is on Titans (7-8 star), AW is secondary
  • All members are Active and everybody is hitting the titan
  • No line requirement
  • English or German (main language in the alliance)
  • An understanding that real life comes first

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello @Wolfen ,

I am German myself and in an international alliance. If you want to join just look for “TheIronclad”. My Avatar Name is also Sorsha. We are fighting 7*+8* Titans and have several sister alliances that help us sometime.
Our only rule is to fight Titans, AW is apprechiated. In case you cannot participate Titan fight just leave a note. For us RL Comes first. No line required but some members have.

Come and join!

P.S.: just writing in english not to get flagged :sweat_smile:

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The Ironclad is a great alliance, helpful and friendly. It is a sister alliance to my alliance, the Black Pearl, and we have a great time exchanging experience and helping each other


I joined Crystal Light over a month ago and have no regrets. Currently at 28/30 with at least 24-25 hitting each titan. Currently taking down 8* and alliance score around 100k. Come have a look you are always welcome

Where are you from? Based on the wolf, I suggest Sweden. :wink: Well, I’ve got an Alliance called Pistage. It’s swedish. You are very welcome to join! :slight_smile:

Come check out Nocturnal Winds you can grow with us and have a lot of players who love to teach. Fighting 7-9* Titans. Give us a try you won’t regret it

The beacons are lit! Come join the Guardians of Terra:

Defend the walls of Correllia against the hordes of dragons, demons and the chubby blue lizard that looks like Godzilla gave up his gym pass after the last movie…

Guardians of Terra has space for active players:

ralaxed, friendly chat ✓
optional LINE app group ✓
mix of skills and experience ✓
active and positive ✓

Currently hitting 6* Titans (I appreciate you said 7, but I’m sure we will soon!)
We fight hard in our wars too, but while we offer advice and encouragement to junior members, no one is micromanaged.

We are a global alliance, but have plenty of European players (and a few Americans who stay up all night!)

Hey there! As @Sorsha has alluded to and @Branwen has stated, we gave a sizeable family of alliances out here and can surely fit you in somewhere good. All of our groups and near-full and friendly, so you won’t feel like a lone hitter out there. Hit me up on LINE @elli287 and I can give you some more info if needed :slight_smile:

Hey, come check us out at Heroes Guild! We are very active. 9* Titans, great group of people!

Thanks everyone! I have found a new alliance :slight_smile:

@Rook can you please close this topic.

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