2 active players looking to join the right alliance

Myself and one other are looking for an alliance with the following:

  1. Active against Titans and in wars. (must use all war flags when opted in and must hit Titans.)

  2. We do not want to have to use another app such as LINE, etc.

  3. Killing at least 11 star Titans

  4. No crazy war strategy where we would have to be on at a certain time (neither of us has missed a war attack ever and we know how to use our flags wisely)

  5. Preferably yellow or green tanks.

  6. Mostly adult alliance

If your alliance fits this profile please let me know and we can come check you out.

Thank you


Hi mate if you whant you can have a loock at romanian knites lider is miaunel we are a very active aliance whit titan of 11and 12*.At war we use green tank and we play a time slot optional so if you guys need to atack in a difrent time is no problem beacousse we have colegue from america and they hit difrent time.we are a aliance whit coleque ace 60 as wel very funy but it 1 rule all flags mast be use in war.we must finish 0 atack left . You can faind me in there i have from adi1 to adi5 al acounts are mine so if you think you faind what you loock tray for 1 weeck and after you and your mate can decide .tx and hope we gonna meet

Tagging @Neano @Guvnor @Math4lyfe as they know people :wink:

My alliance is full - GL!


My aliance Treasure Hunter actively hit titan and war. All member who join war use all flags. We do not use line or anything else. There is no war strategy. Each of us choose the opponent suitable with our tim power. We can use war tank in any colour.

Two thing that may be different with your requirement. We are Indonesian and we are small ally that hit 5 star titan …

Check out Global Titan Slayers currently 10* titans.

We have 5 spots. We are using purple tanks atm but will review that very soon
We are from a range of time zones and from mid twenties to grandparents in age, have Line for resources but it is optional and not all use it, have a war strategy that allows flexibility.
Look forward to hearing from you

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Hi, my alliance Diamond Infantry, meets your requirements. We don’t use Line, we are fighting 12-14* titans and we are currently looking for 3 new members.

If you have 4200+ TP, feel free to join us.

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The Shops family has openings in all 3 Shops. No matter what level you’re at, we have a place for everyone. We are one of the longest running houses, founded by our leader, Mama Bear, almost 3 years ago.


You’re welcome to join us in Leap of Faith. We’re on 9 star titans and war strategies used. We’re all active!

Thank you for the responses, I will check some of you out in the game and hopefully we can find a good fit.


I know I am late to the dance, but if you are still undecided we have room for both of you in The Locker.

We are currently killing 10/11*, with your addition we would be able to stay at 11 and sometime take out 12s. We are utilizing yellow tanks for war and have won 5 of our last 7.

Our war strategy (yes, I know it is spelled wrong in the flyer) is three attack waves but your choice which waves to attack in.

We do utilize Line but it is optional. All we ask is you pay attention to the featured message, any important information is also passed thru it.

If you are still available and interested, come give us a try. If not, hope you found a good home.

Fort the Titans is a comfy spot…

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