New Alliance, looking for active players!

Crystal Academy has just started as an Alliance~ It’s run by myself and my brother, who have been gaming together for over 20 years, with our mutual friend helping out. I’m fairly inexperienced (I’ve only been playing a couple months, currently level 25) but looking for people to grow together with. We were in an Alliance previously that didn’t work out, so have since branched off and created our own ^^

We’re looking for players of any experience and level to join us and progress and grow together! Wars are optional, though we do ask that those who participate in Wars use all their flags. We also just ask that Titan flags are used as often as possible.

We’re currently an Open Alliance, though we do have a 1000 trophy minimum to join. Hoping to find new friends and allies to beat down Titans, gain experience and kick some serious butt in wars xD

We’re a friendly and chatty bunch, and would love to get to know people as well as play together~!!

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Apologies for the late reply, @Kloster. It’s been a while since I was last here! It’s very sweet of you to offer to welcome us and offer to help, and I really do appreciate the sentiment, truly. We are trying really hard to make a go of it with our own Alliance right now, but thank you again~

I didn’t want to make a new thread when this one is already here, hence bumping it back up xD

Our Alliance, Crystal Academy, has grown somewhat, now with 16 members from a range of experience (ranging from levels 5 to 50+). We’re currently undefeated in War and are taking on 6*/7* Titans. Still looking for active members to join us! There is always room for more xD. We have no trophy requirement. Wars are optional but we ask all flags to be used to those who participate and we just ask all Titan flags are used. We’re an active and friendly group, welcoming people of any level and experience to join us and grow together~

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