3400+ power, looking for an alliance

I have 10 level 70 heroes (one 5*), 10 more 4*/5* heroes at lower levels, 14 maxed 3*. I’m doing 10k-20k per hit on 9* titans.

Looking for:

  • alliance killing 9* titans (dropping sometimes to 8* is OK; if you’re killing 10* titans you’re too high for me).
  • no requirement for off-game communication. I won’t be joining you on Line/Discord/etc.
  • preferably, your alliance has 28+ members with each doing at least 40K damage per titan.
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whats your natur language cause our is german and we"re looking for a strong one especially for AW

was in a hurry meant your native sry :laughing:

Come join game over, we are regularly taking down 8* titans, should move up to 9* on the next one.

You should Consider checking out Heathens of Sparta. They do fight 9 * titans mostly with some 10 *, but they also have 3 other sister alliances that people travel back and forth amongst freely. That being said: If a 10 star rears it’s ugly head, you can choose to swap down to the second alliance and someone else will step up to see how they can do or you can choose to try and see if you are ready for a 10 * yourself. Your choice, no pressure.

The second alliance fights 8 * and will most likely be facing a 9* soon. The 3rd and 4th alliance are for Beginners or people on Vacation.

psych ward is open my friend. cleaned house so have 3 openings. still taking down 8* with 27 players. have a 9* now. fun people as well. have line but not required.

I don’t speak German.

Seems “kill 9* titans” was too restrictive. But still looking, for now.

The mod squad!!! We’d love to have you!

what you don’t :laughing: but here to inform you we’re full now…wish you the best

We are full too. Wish you well in your search for a new home.

check out psych ward… 104k alliance power. with you and 2 more people we would smash titans. would love to have you. give us a shot!

TremTran - we smash 7*, occasionally beat 8*. Need another heavy hitter to really get better on the 8* titans. We have one open slot, and I’d say most titans see 25-29 members hit, and plenty over 40k per titan.

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