Kashrek vs Melendor

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting (on any forum!) so apologies if I’m doing this wrong!
I’ve been playing for a few months with just the free play and have not had much luck picking up nature 4* hero’s. I finally picked one up and then a second two days later. What are people’s thoughts on Kashrek versus Melendor?
I already have Rigard fully ascended, as well as Boldtusk fully ascended too. I also have Sonya maxed out as a debuff.
For that reason I’m leaning towards Kashrek, as I already have Melendor’s specials covered, and the fact he always screws me when I am up against him.

My current main team is Sonya, Rigard, Gormek, Li Xiu and then either of Berden, Belith or Brienne all maxed out.
I also have Domitia at 3/70 (my sole 5*), Boldtusk (4/70), Scarlett (4/70), Sabine, Lancelot and Sumitomo at 3/60. I also have Wu Kong, Tiburtus and Chao untouched that I will get to once i have ascended a nature hero which is my priority.
Happy for any suggestions!

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Even if you have his skills covered with other players you’ll continue to use him in higher levels for war and stuff whereas Kashrek definitely falls off at a certain point at least until his costume releases.


Melendor all day long.

Second Melendor before first Kashhrek.
Third Melendor before first Kashhrek.

Seriously, it’s that much a no-contest.

Melendor is useful into endgame - he’s a serious healer, with dispel and good tile damage.

Kashhrek is a mid-game defence tank and nothing else - he becomes obsolete very quickly, don’t waste the materials. You already have decent 4* tanks in Boldtusk and Li Xiu so you doubly don’t need to waste mats on Kashh.


Kash worth mats for a starter sure does get lost after but can be pain still use him in war plus trials
Kash done me good

Even on my alt I regret wasting mats on him.

Nothing he’s good at can’t be done by other hero’s and defence is a very low priority indeed.

I would honestly do three Melendor before even considering Kashh - I mean that literally, no exaggeration.


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, you are far better spending the mats on Melendor. Then put emblems on him and you won’t be disappointed
Good luck

That’s good to know, thanks for the help. I’m certainly being swayed towards Melendor. Really, I’m just happy to finally have a 4* green and anything well be a step up from the 3*s.

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All hail the lizard people

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I’d cast my vote for multiple mels before any kash’s too. I run mel and sonya on my teams except vs a red tank because dispel is just that useful. Mel is useful in several positions as well but kash is really only a tank, and a weak one once you climb out of low plat. Mel works at least as well on offense as he does on defense too, which really cannot be said about kash. And finally, mel and Sonya were the one-two punch that let me completely ignore all of the riposte tanks all over low~mid plat and start reaching up into diamond - just sonya was sometimes not enough on boards without blue tiles or without enough punch to drop boril or cyp quickly

If you really don’t like boldtusk as your tank though then you can go kash. He’ll quickly become a benchwarmer for you though as you climb up and you’ll wish you had levelled mel sooner

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Melendor is still a staple on most of my teams. He has unreal longevity. But in its current form, Kash’s costume could make him worthy. Still, Melendor first. A bird in the hand, and all that.

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