Lianne, MN, or Zeline

Am working on a new defense team. Hoping for something that will be solid in diamond. Have the mats to max 1 of the below teams. Any thoughts? Main choice is around which green. Leaning fairly heavily toward MN. Though the zeline viv team is a close 2nd. Li was my 1st 5* so am a bit attached to her.

Current team:

Lianne option:

Zeline option:

MN option:

Any advice or thoughts around the above options would be welcome. Am going to be living with this decision for many months…

I have Lianna, eveyln, and Greg maxed for 5* greens. Lianna is really nice for raiding but I would love to have a maxed zeline. She hits all, dispells and lowers attack by so much with a fast special. I don’t really fear MN on defense. If she fires off the revived heroes don’t gain any healing so they die very quick. She’s really nice on offense but I would prefer to have a maxed zeline

Maybe rearrange the zeline option as follows?


The only thing stopping me from doing that is that i really want to max joon as well, but will need a healer so the mats would go to viv.
I agree fully that zeline is best overall.

Yeah thats better thanks. Magnis buff goes to zel. So two votes for zel.

Zeline should be flank, not wing.

also your red tank will be hit with blue colour, and magni will be hit by a blue.
wouldnt be best to put green behind red so it gets charged up by a weak colour?
and magni is a sniper; can be wing. dont put him in flank just for the +defense nearby.

I like MN, but shes fenomenal in attack. slow in defense is not good.
In defense, Zeline is a beast, Lianna will one shot if given the opportunity.

Hah, tough choice, but not a bad one either. You can’t really go wrong with any of them :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is specific to your defense team, I think you have enough snipers (Magni and Joon, although IMO Magni < Lianne but I don’t know your other blue heroes…), so you’d probably benefit more from either Zeline for another fast hitter to all, or Mrs. Claus for the healing and revive chance.

My other blues arent particularly exciting. Grimm, kiril, thorne, sonja, triton, agwe and a 2nd magni. Kiril with lianne could be something.

Thanks all for the feedback. Am going to sleep on it.

My vote also goes to Zeline. Simply better all around.
And a team option once all leveled:
Left-to-Rt: Zeline, QueenOfHearts, Vivica, Hel, Magni
( Debuff + aoh attacks & lower enemy attacks > 3 Full attacks & PlayingCardMinion defense > Strong tank healer + aoh defense > 1 Full 2 Minor Attacks + 3 No mana generation > 1 Strong Attack + defense ) —>…That there is a lot of good stuff you’ve already got. :wink:

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I think this would be the best, even if Queen of Hearts isn’t a great tank she is durable enough to let Hel and Mother North charge up.

Out of interest, would you find azlar better than qoh in this team? I have that option as well.

Not really: the best would be to have a Yellow tank as Guinevere / Drake Fong / Justice to let the Mother North + Queen of Hearts combination kick in easily.

By replacing QoH with Azlar you could possibly want a more offensive team, leading to a Zeline flank.

Not sure i want to invest in justice. Tried for guin today wound up with margaret and a second horghall. Am going to go for MN and qoh.

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