What looks better to you for my defense

Okay so 1 is my current defense. 2 I’m finishing alice and will get zeline to 19 emblems when I’m finished. Alice will also have 19 emblems when she’s all said and done so take that into consideration. What you think is a better defense. 1 or 2

Number 2 is better in my opinion.

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Out of what you have I would choose with one of the following two configs:

Friday - Kingston - BK - Alice - Joon

Alice - Kingston - BK - Quintus - Joon

Zeline, while still a useful hero, I find she has lost lustre as she’s aged and most people replace her on defense with someone better.

I suggested the one team 2-1-1-1 since Frida elemental defense down x3 would make Alice more dangerous but then again, AI being AI probably would only get 50/50 if lucky making use of the two together.

What if I rocked something like this? With a team bringing mostly blues in for Knight as tank, having 2 greens on the wings would help with green being a weak color to blue and with zeline adding additional damage to blue. I’m usually not a fan of bringing in 2 of the same colors in defense

I disagree when she’s put behind a red tank. She is basically a better Vela (current Vela) and that’s pretty good. Kingston is good, but as a sniper only hinders one opponent.

This defense invites red stacks, which are neutral to BK and devastating to your greens. While BK might survive longer, they really only need a dispeller to neutralize him. I’d go with one green and one blue as flanks.

Thanks for your input. Appreciate it

You want multi hitters with BK.

Snipers turn the potentially huge attack boost into overkill (wasted) damage - AoE heroes benefit much more.

Zeline goes really, really well with BK.

Quintus at slow isn’t quite as ideal on paper, but I’ve run cIsarnia flanking BK tank with success before now so there’s no reason it can’t work.

The other potential problem with Quintus is that attavkers stacking yellow will have a relatively easy time, as long as one of those yellows is Malosi (the bane of BK!)


Tl;Dr - #2 is much better IMHO.

On paper, they seem to be equal honestly. I’ll try zeline for a bit and if it’s not working I’ll go back to kingston

Getting the most of our the game is going to require tactical thoughts and decisions that those stats/opinions simply won’t give you.

It’s not about which hero is better in a vacuum - it’s how they go together.

You can mix it up, see how it goes for a couple of days and try a different combo.

I mean, 99% of the time you’re going to wake up with less cups anyway, just a matter of how much you lose on average with different teams and you’ll get them all back eventually so…

Slight correction here. Kingston does only hit one opponent with his special, but his attack down debuff affects 3.

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That’s true. Got zeline when it says she’s extra damage to blue, do you know how much extra damage is dealt? Didn’t give a percent so for all I know a regular hit guess for 200, extra damage could be 201 for all I know.

I believe it’s been figured out to be like Gravemaker at 25%, so that 200 hit becomes 250.

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