What's my best defense team?

I finally have a bit of depth with 3 maxed 5 stars of each color (Greg will be done today). I’m looking for advice from the top players of what they feel would be my best defense team. I’ve included what I’ve been going with. I’m open to move emblems around as needed (i.e. move emblems from Eve to Alasie, etc.)

Thanks for your help!



You’ve already found it imo.

Try to swap in Lianna for Eve, if you like…


Tanks @Olmor. Will try it out.

Alasie - Zimkitha - Kunchen - Onatel - Gravemaker

Alasie > Evelyn for defenses

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Thanks @FraVit93.

No greens and 2 reds, wouldn’t that make me vulnerable to blue stacks?

It could, but Onatel heavily punish color stacks and they would still try to stack holy heroes to take down Kunchen.

Good points all around. Thanks!

You can always try more active defensive team with GM as tank, but I also think, your choice is fine :blush:

Switch Lianna out with Evelyn.

Giving emblems to Lianna is better than Evelyn.

What about giving them to Alasie?

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Oh actually that was what I did. I reset +7 Lianna to Alasie.

I was just comparing Evelyn to Lianna.

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Are you happy with the move @AirHawk ?

Moving emblems is an expensive endeavor resource-wise. Is there a semi consensus that Alasie > Evelyn/Lianna for Ranger emblems? I got Alasie last and have been contemplating moving my emblems since.

I’ve read many lists out there of ordering Ranger emblem priorities and Evelyn/Lianna/Alasie seem to be a toss up most of the time.

So… If I’d move my emblems to Alasie, my best possible team would be:

Alasie - Zim - Kunchen - Onatel - GM ?

All emblem-ed.

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I’m going to throw another crazy idea around…

Since Kunchen is so annoying to take down, as @FraVit93 was saying - you usually stack yellow to take him down, why not surround him with two yellows?

Alasie - Onatel - Kunchen - Joon - GM

Move emblems from Evelyn to Alasie; and from Wilbur to Joon.

Probably not the best… just throwing an idea out there.

In my experience, sometimes stacking yellow against Kunchen can be a bad idea, once he fires, that +46 % elemental def buff against holy becomes like a brick wall! I found him easier to take down with dark stack and when he is flanked by holies,…becomes much easier to kill his flanks with dark stacks.
I would rather put other color fast sniper e.g. Lianna…to flank him and certainly not two flanks of same color…makes it easy to stack color against the flanks.

I would preferably do Alasie, Onatel, Kunchen Lianna, GM

Actually it depends on what you use more. Initially I used the Evelyn Lianna combo. But when I decided that I use Alasie more for defense. I just moved the emblems to her. Lianna is really good with offense emblems.

In the end, it’s just who you use more.

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