Need advice ascending and defense team

I’ll keep this short and thanks in advance for the help. Here are my heroes and I need advice about my best defense team setup and whether to level up Mother North or Zeline based on my heroes.

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I would probably go with MN and put her in the left wing. Having a resurrecting hero on defense is a game changer in my book. As for the other four members of your defense, I would look to magni, Azlar, Viv, and obakan for now.

I’m not the best at team order, but I would think something like:
MN, magni, obakan, Viv, Azlar

And reconsider as you complete other heros, but also take others advice as they might be better at team construction.

Both MN and Zeline are fantastic heroes. I’d say that right now MN is a higher priority as you already have two green hitters. Also, Zeline could work pretty well with Evelyn even at 3-70.

I’d run MN-Azlar-Vivica-Magni-Lianna. Usually I’m against having two greens on defence because of all the GMs out there, but Lianna is much better than Obakan.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll go with MN, I’m really excited to have a resurrection hero.

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