Max out Lianna or wait for December hotm?

Hey everyone! I finally got my sixth tonic for Lianna and it occured to me that I’m hoping to get the december hotm, another green. Should I go ahead and max out Lianna or should I save the tonics for December? She would be my first green 5* and my only other 5* I’m leveling are gravemaker and panther. I have no other 5* snipers.

Wait, i would wait. She will be the panther in green

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Panther’s maxed special is equally effective at 3/70 as it is 4/80 except for the damage dealing part, correct? Assuming the december hotm is exactly idential to panther except color, would it be advantageous of me to max Lianna because she’s a sniper and thus the effect if her special is best when she’s maxed? Or would it still be better to max the hotm?

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I’d max Lianna…she’s a fantastic sniper.


A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush. Considering the low chances I wouldn’t count on obtaining Evelyn. Lianna is great, I’ve never regretted ascending her, she was my first 5* final ascension. You are also correct since a 3/70 evelyn will still provide all the green debuff and dispel. We also don’t know if she will keep all her stats and abilities once released. If she does she is still pretty usable at 3/70 and by the time you get her there maybe you’ll have enough tonics again.


I would go for Liana too…you definitely won’t regret it. She has good stats, the most powerful attack there is and you can use her everywhere. But still try to get Evelyn too. She will probably be a must have.
Get her to 70 and wait for the next tonics.

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Lianna. Hands down the hardest sniper in the game.

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BOTH. Even with Evelyn at 3/70 you will oneshot any hero of the game firing Lianna after her

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Lianna - excellent sniper. Don’t risk with Evelyn.

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Thanks everyone! I shall gleefully max Lianna and enjoy sniping my enemies :grin:

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I just received my last shield (had the tonics) not to long ago and have seen a nice difference getting her leveled. She is fast and a sniper. I use her with Wilbur, Joon, Drake/Khiona and love hammering 1 enemy in raids to have it spred across 2 or 3.

Same question, but with tarlak…max him or wait for Zeline/ december hotm?

I’d max Tarlak now. Again, you’re not sure on getting either Zeline or Evelyn (and who knows what her final version will look like), plus you’re definitely not getting either this month and probably not next, so that’ll give you time to start building for your next 5* green. If you have the stuff to do Tarlak now, I’d pull the trigger on him.


Rumor is evelyn will be identical to panther with more defense. This is one hotm I would like to have. Have wanted panther for a year or better. Evelyn is better… Can see I’m gonna be doing some summons. Got zimkitha first pull this month. Aegis was a first pull drake was a second pull. I hoping my luck holds out and can get marjana at same time.

Max what you have and hope for what you dont

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But if you have Zeline, which one do you max first?

Hands down Zeline. You can up snipers from other colors.

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