Which Green to max next

I have Kingston, Atomos, Tarlak, and Evelyn maxed. Who should I do next Lianna, Morgan Le Fay, Telly, Kadilen with costume, or Ratitore…

C kadilen is the biggest pain in the ■■■■ in this game. Go her

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Twenty dodges.


My vote for Kadi aswell.

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You have good selection of heroes. But it’s a no brainer to choose costumed Kadilen over the rest.

Hands down Costume Kadilen.
You are making us jealous.

All your greens except Morgana are very useful, Kadilen C is absolute priority,then depend on your needs,Lianna is still one of the best snipers, ratatoskr is a very solid healer and telluria even with the rebalance is a fine defend hero

It has to be Costume Kadilen
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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