Which 5* hero to spent items on?

So here I am, looking for some opinions, on whom I should spend my damascus blade :slight_smile:

I have the following 5* heroes maxed:
Green: Telluria, Kingston
Blue: Isarnia, Richard, Perseus
Red: Grazul, Marjana, Jean-Francois
Purple: Sartana, Clarissa
Yellow: Vivica, Malosi, Ranvir

I currently only have ascension items for one other 5* hero to max. The following are at 3-70:
Green: Kadilen
Blue: Thorne,
Red: Azlar, Zimkhita, Khagan
Purple: Obakan, Grimble
Yellow: Leonidas

And the following not started leveling:
Green: Lianna, 2nd Telluria,
Blue: -
Red: 2nd Marjana
Purple: Domitia, Aeron, 2nd Clarissa
Yellow: 2nd Vivica

Any opinions, whom to max out first?
Or should I wait to get lucky and pull some “super-hero”?

Thank you!

At 4* I’m quite equipped as well (all at 4-70):
Green: Melendor, Buddy, Caedmon, Peters, Hansel, Brynhild, Kashhrek
Blue: Kiril, Boril, Grimm, Sonja, Agwe, Mireweave
Red: Boldtusk, Gormek, Kelile, Scarlett, Sumitomo
Purple: Tiburtus, Sabina, Richard, Fura
Yellow: WuKong, Liu Xiu, Mist, Lady Woolerton, Gretel

I would choose Lianna, Zimkitha and Domitia.


In terms of numbers, I’d probably be predisposed to favour green or purple (because you have 2 maxed Vs 3 in other colours).

Green… Unless you have costume for Kadilen, you would do Lianna first almost without exception - bigger damage than Kingston and you’ll never outgrow her.

Purple… Obakan is pretty useless - his tile damage is okay but that’s about it.
Grimble is niche, but with minions becoming more common he’s becoming less niche all the time (but! there’s also more minion counters available, too).
You don’t currently have a dispeller at 5*… You have 4 at 4* but none at 5* - thus might point towards Domitia being a good option.

In a vacuum, Zimkitha is the best you have waiting and by a long way.


So there you have it… Lianna, Domitia or Zimkitha.


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Agree with the others, although I’d favor Domitia for the dispel.

Zim is the best, followed by Lianna.

But it really boils down to your play style and what YOU feel you’re missing on a team. Explain that and you’ll know the answer by the time you’re done.

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In my honest opinion, from what you have said about your roster, I would go with:
Zimkitha >> Lianna >> Domitia
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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Zimkitha is one of the best cleansers in the game and her 25% attack boost is a nice bonus. Her damage is meh, but better than nothing.

Thank you for all your opinions!

I forgot one important thing: I have also Guardian Panther at 3-70.

Would you chose her over the other ones, considering the cleansing?

I was going to say ascend Zimkitha, but G Panther might be the better choice if you feel she dies too quickly in titans or raids. It depends on what you need more-if you are titan focussed and like stacking purple, Panther for sure, otherwise Zim has a valuable cleanse at fast speed, not to mention attack buff, decent AoE damage and a great element link. After those two I’d probably ascend Lianna.

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I would do Panther first.

Titans are a key source of ascension materials and Panther will really boost your scores… Great hero!

Plus I’d tend to keep your numbers per colour fairly even… You have 3 reds but only 2 purple maxed (and more red than purple at 4* too!)… It’s not vital, but when you need a particular colour it helps to have options available.

Yes yes yes … I would focus on Guardian Panther first.
Good luck

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Panther first, then Lianna. Suprising you don’t have a Rigard!

Ive got both the cats. GP hits harder but dies quicker so she needs more emblems not to be a one punch. Zim +BT+ marijane or Mitz are part of my telly killing team with great success. They are waiting to eat your bellies

Zimi Grimble Lianna

Grimble will be one of the top flanks in minion wars.

Do you mean Rigard right?

IMO, like other said,… Zimkitha, Panther, Lianna.

I did mean Rigard. Didn’t see one on the roster listed.

@Chadmo, yes I ask the OP if that is not Richard, typo… it should be (I assume) Rigard on 4* list purple.

Makes sense. That was a good list of heroes, would be shocking if they didn’t have one. If it is Richard I wouldn’t ascend him, lol

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