Li Xiu in a 5* defence?

Current defence:
Zeline - Khiona - Richard - Azlar - Domitia(3/70)

I have Li Xiu now at 4/70, not sure if she fits my team better than Domitia?

All my leveled(except Domitia) 4-5* heroes:

Would like to know the best heroes and their position for my defence :slight_smile:

Id give rigard, zeline, Richard, khiona and azlar a try left to right.

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I used Rigard for awhile until I changed to Domitia and I can’t see a big difference in my defence. Azlar as a slow hero in the corner. He never will fires his special I guess?

I’d use 4/70 Li Xiu over 3/70 domitia, yeah. Probably ordered like Zeline, Khiona, Richard, Azlar, Li Xiu.


I use Azlar in the corner. :wink:

I would swap out Khiona for Domitia.

Khiona is better for offense.

Khiona is amazing on defense!!! A few tiles in the direction of her and or nearby allies and they get a +144% attack buff lmao it’s insane

Reality and fact are a little different

How do you mean? Every time I’ve attacked a team with khiona flank, of her special goes off and I can’t dispel it immediately, she and her nearby allies quickly have a +144% attack buff

Depends on your lineup. I never found her a problem. Domitia can still dispel although both are not that great at defense.

Khiona is definitely good for offense.

I didn’t think khiona was a good hero at all until I raided her on defense a few times. On offense her ability is kind of wonky especially because it only lasts 3 turns.

Rarely would I lose to a team with Khiona unless the tank is one of the mighty ones. She is similar to Greg in a certain sense.

I agree with you. I have her fully maxed and have faced her in raid. She is subpar in defence.
Same as Greg and Arthur. Average mana snipers are another subpar for defence.

I try this one now:
Zeline, Khiona, Richard, Azlar, Rigard
It seems that more people think Rigard would do a better job as Domitia or Li Xiu. I’m still open for more opinions :slight_smile:

Using double purple on your defense without a single yellow just looks awkward, I dislike.

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