Another Def/War Team Advice

Hello all,

Now that I’ve finally been able to level up more heroes, I’m currently considering how I could rebuild my defense team (both raid and war). Should I change anything at all?

So far I had the following team composition:

Isarnia / Khiona / Delilah / Azlar / Lianna

Now I still have the following Heros (Max or almost max):

Second Khiona
Drake Fong

Would you change anything about the defense? For raid or war?

Thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

Id run this defense for both raids and wars:

Zeline is the biggest pain in the a… (from your set), then Drake.

Thanks. Yes I was thinking on this setup too, but wasnt sure for using a yellow Tank without one purple flank - but khiona is a bit meh >.<

Yes, i like Drake, but i guess delilah is my best option for a Tank and so it’s not the best to use another yellow on defense?
Zeline will find her way on my def for sure (~10 levels to max)

Khiona is great. You need to use her correctly. I had been surrounding her with a couple snipers until Onatel got maxed. Now she will boost Onatels attack some which will add to her effectiveness. Joon is on her other side.

So you use her as Tank? With two yellow flanks (joon and onatel)?
Hmm - but isn’t she to sqishy for this role? And in my case worth with Delilah and Drake as flanks? so just Drake will really profit from her buff…

I meant in general Khiona is great. I flanked her with Lianna and Joon.

I had used her as a tank and she was ok but you have better options than what I did. I have never really had a tanky hero until Onatel. I am hoping she can hold a bit better.

Since I maxed Onatel I have slid her into the tank spot flanked by Isarnia and Khiona. Joon and Rigard on the wings.

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