This my best set up for defense team?

This is my line up for my defense team. Just wondering if my 2 slow mana hero that does damage to all is better where they are or to have them on the corners. Also my current corners have better defence so would that help bringing them in as well. Opinions anyone?

Id swap Isarnia and Greg.
Shes def down, Greg will snipe one out with the def down.

I disagree. Isarina will never get fed tiles if she’s on the corner.

If you must have two slow mana in your team, having them next to Guin for her mana-charge ability is essential. My main issue is that Khiona is wasted in the corner.

I LOVE the combination of Isarina & Azlar if they can both go off together. However, if there is anyone that is expendable, it is Azlar. Perhaps if you must, move him to the corner so he gets Khiona’s attack boost.

Do you have any other 4t 5*?


I wouldn’t. Her ability to lower opponent’s defence at the early stage of the game is crucial.


I dont have her so I never got to put her with others. :person_frowning:

That’s what I was thinking but do like the chance of both going off after each other especially with the defence being down for 4 turns.

No more tear 4 5*. These are my next best lvled 15.

Okay swap kitty and khiona. This way khionas right side doesnt waste the buff. Plus imagine if azlars special goes off on her buff with isarina active. Worth a try.

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Ok and this is only a factor for my center healer. But with these two troops is it better to have the extra health plus better defence. Or to have the quicker mana gen and more healing per turn even though theres less health and defence. Not sure how much each of those percentages factor into the turns being hit and what not.

Guin with quicker mana 100% for sure. Your entire team’s health and safety depends on Guin staying alive long enough to cast.


Your defense does not rely on Greg nor Khiona. Keep the current lineup. Those are more filler roles. It’s better to flank Guin with Azlar and Isarnia. G and K are better for offense.

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