Khiona or Domitia?

both at 70/3. Who should take the tabards? thank you for your time. x

Khiona for sure. 20 chars…


You may find this discussion useful too, the poster was also comparing Khiona and Domitia as options:

The consensus seemed to be Khiona in that thread, with possible prioritization of 4* first, depending on existing leveled heroes.

Kionia for me as well :slight_smile:

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I have readed that but still wasn’t sure…

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thanks! i do think she will work good with mok-arr and domitia still on 3/40 + rigard and hm… do we have the same last name? lol

Ur welcome! :grin:…20 chars

More and more I tend to believe that Khiona belongs to top 10 heroes ever released. Up to 144% damage bonus for 3 heroes and further to that 372% one off damage. Neither Inari nor Aegir’s special has any damage, so she is inconsistently exceptional. Domitia is not bad, but more likely useful agaist expected yellow opposition rather than general defence or attack.


Oh thanks! I didn’t think khiona would be that good… when I’ve got her I was like… meh. I always have been in love with Dom. But, since i’ve received mok-arr I was thinking about maybe leveling khiona to use mok-arr skill (hit every enemy) boosted by her

Khiona and Mok-Arr are awesome together. All the better with Wilbur added in. (Quoting this post doesn’t work right, click through for the video.)

I don’t have wilbur but it sounds great anyway. i was also sad about pulling mok-arr but now i am starting to kinda like him and being excited about him

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Yes, she is much better than she looks like and Anchor 7DD valuation is completely wrong about her. The only downside is that if you already have a hero which gives an attack buff (like Boldtusk), then Khiona’s buff gets overwritten.

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Would you take Domitia or Sartana?
Khiona is a better (albeit slower) Sartana.

I use Kiril as healer + enhancer but I can exchange him using my Rigard or Melendor since they won’t affect Khiona’s berserker fury… I think?

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Still don’t have Sarta but I would be in a deeper doubt lol. Really don’t know who would I choose btw Domi or Sartana

Don’t get out with out Rigard.
He is a life savior.
Khonia will love Rigs too they looks good together xD


Rigard is my favorite character, hands down. He and Caedmon were my first 4* to be fully maxed

Rigard will be the best if you manage to keep number of purlple heroes in one team under control. Altough who would take 5 yellows against MokArr, Rigard and Khiona. :slight_smile:

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Mok-Arr and Khiona together (potentially with Rigard) would really be best on offense and PVE. The AI is too dumb to manage the firing timing of the specials to ensure Khiona’s buff is put to best use.

What you think about those teams (ignore tank/flank/wing positions):

  1. khiona - rigard - mok-arr - drake fong - kadilen

  2. khiona - rigard - mok-arr - domitia - drake

  3. khiona - rigard - mok-arr - caedmon - drake

  4. khiona - rigard - mok-arr - drake - capt. chakal