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Hi there,
After just playing for 2 months, I assembled my first set of ascension materials to level a holy 4* (got my 4th orb today). I have Chao at 3.60 and Poseidon who I started levelling (very lucky first Atlantis pull).
Who should I level first? Do I fully level Chao or bring Poseidon to 3.70? Or do I wait for another 4* holy to join my squad?
Looking forward to hearing some advice from more experienced players.

Most people say to work on a hero you can finish… But I would go for 3/70 Poseidon over 4/70 Chao any day.

Chao is pretty meh! And no Costume :roll_eyes:


Chao is kind of serviciable if you strengh his attack stat with emblems.
Mine was sitting at the bench for so long. Im thinking about leveling him now because i dont have a better yellow project and besides his damage being so low he could be useful once his costume is out . Its a project with a long term projection and because im drawing in orbs .

In your case is a tough choice because you are limited to a small amount of 3* ascension it will change with time.

Poseidon is by far a better hero even at 3/70 because his special outmatches chao one .

The only adventage you will obtain about chao is carrying him to tournaments and the possibility of embleming him.

So is up to you ! you may forget chao until his costume is out … You would never forget your poseidon ( a true beast) altough i dont have right now poseidon 3/70 stats to compare with maxed chao. I think that by % of special poseidon will still do more damage plus his beneficts special effects.

I dont know ablut durability at that point but i guess chao having more def and hp (and for a long margin)

Here i quote the formula @rho gave me so you can compare the two heroes

“Look up the maxed card and just multiply each stat by 0.84 to get the stats for a 5* at 3/70. Works for every single 5* and accurate to within single digits.”

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Thanks for the fast response.

@Lexxtarc if i looked up correctly, chao maxed would be 607/615/1115 with his special 315%. Poseidon at 3.70 will be 626/604/1134 with his special at 450%. Am I missing something, or is Poseidon better in attack and as durable?


Chao can be emblemed and any 4 star with talents is way stronger than any 5 star sitting on 3 70.

I would go and max out 4 stars first. And thats what i recommend every new alliance member from our wing alliance.

You have to get a decent roster with something I call a “baseline” of heroes.
A baseline consists typically of defense downers and healers.

Your first aim needs to be that you get five full heroes in every color. (Its okay if one is just a 3*).

Then you have all the options to colorstack against

  • any normal monster content
  • every pvp fight
  • every titan
  • every war attack
  • events and other Important quests

You should try to have teams on 3 and 4 stars, that can be used in those monthly challenge events.
As you cant use 5stars in epic difficulty, but you can beat legendary difficulty with talented 4star heroes!! thats a very important point.

Beating Legendary events give 100 emblems! Sounds not that much, but you will get to the point where you learn that its ALL about emblems in late game.

Welcome to the forum, @Fraenske

I agree with the advice given.

Poseidon is awesome, as you’ve heard, and Chao less so. It will take more materials to get Poseidon to 3.70 than it did to get Chao to 3.60, but I still second @PraiseGamer91’s recommendation. At two months in, Chao at 3.60 is okay for your needs right now.

In addition to the increased damage of Poseidon, his special is more effective/useful IMO. I like Chao’s mana-down, but Poseidon protects the rest of your team from negative mana effects and the blocking on special skills.

Thanks for the advise, at this moment I only have 4 4* heroes (chao and little john at 3.60, caedmon and colen still in first tier). Still a long way to go to get to 5 of each color.
Would you use the materials on Chao now or wait for a better holy 4*? Or do ascension mats come in enough?

At your level the best source of 3* mats are mystic vision, monster / raid chest and titan. You need your maxed 3* star to complete some quests that reward garanteed 3* mats. So :

I dont know your roster but i can recommend you that for the moment try to not spend those orbs.
I mean your priority should be bring two rainbow team of 3* star hero to max. Then if you want you can bring those epic to 3/60 (if they are not yet)
Poseidon at 2/60 could be serviciable too.

Doing this you will be able to start doing those monthly quest that drops 3* ascension mats like
silloh desert, mount ulmer , farholme etc.

So focus on maxing your 3* first . Those will bring you the mats to max your epics and therefore your 5* stars in the future.

If you can share with us your roster we can advise you better.

And then another brienne and azar at 1.1

I second @Lexxtarc, first create 3 rainbow teams of maxed 3☆. Then ascend your first rainbow team of 4☆, by then you would have more materials. If you don’t like a 4☆, wait on him/her. When you got at least 3 4☆ rainbow teams (besides the 3☆ teams) think about your legendary. That said, I’ll bring almost every first copy of a 4☆ to 3/60 and of a 5☆ to 2/60. But 3☆ are your priority.
My votes finish Valen, Tyrum and Karil. Do Istaak and maybe Gan Ju and Carver.
Dont abandon a hero until fully leveled or facing a mat wall.
Btw, about emblems, if you are F2P/ C2P don’t use them recklesly. I tend to use them on costumed 4☆ that I consider usefull or on 5☆.

While the general rule and consensus is that a maxed 4 star hero is better than a 3/70 5 star hero, your case is an exception. Comparing their stats and damage multiplier from their skills, Poseidon edges Chao even at 3/70 due to his high attack stat and high damage multiplier. The resources spent on getting Poseidon to 3/70 is an investment placed in the bank, with a high interest rate in your favor.

Chao is barely used once you have other better yellow heroes. Though maxing him is way cheaper than placing Poseidon to 3/70, embleming Chao is a bad investment as you will strip him of emblems soon you get better heroes for his class and will not get the food and iron spent back.

I am F2P, the emblemed heroes were my first fully ascended 3*. Even if yiu have the food and iron, you would not use emblems on a 3*?

I will start maxing the rest of my 3* heroes, hope Berden Balthazar and Ulmer decide to show up next weeks. Just so difficult to let Caedmon wait, but probably better in the long run.

Thanks everone for the advise, really appreciated!

Caedmon would be great, probably your best 4☆ option (there are better, but harder to get especcial 4☆ green).

I personally won’t. Don’t get my wrong, emblemed 3☆ could be good for tournaments and challenge events, but are a luxury. Emblems are scarce, reset emblems scarcer, so I kept it for 5☆. When the costumes appeared I realizaded that an emblemed 4☆ with enough emblems had stats similars to that of a 5☆, so I used on them the emblems I got no 5☆ for.

Bold and Ridgard would probably queep the emblems forever because of their great habilities, Caedmond and Sonya may lost them if a worthy 5☆ appears.
Btw, you would beneffit from ascending Azar costume.

Her costume is fully levelled, but I like her more doing big damage to one enemy than mediocre to 2 or 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

In isolation - this.

In terms of getting more materials… Ehhhhhhh… No.

Which is going to be better in your:

  • Raid attacks? Poseidon, but not by a crazy amount.
  • Farming? Doesn’t matter, either with the orbs is more than enough to autoplay 8-7.
  • Raid tournaments? Chao - can be used on two tiers
  • Events? Chao - you’re going to finish epic with maxed 4* heroes (you’ll need more than your first rainbow, but one step at a time), you’re not going to complete legendary with 3.70 5* heroes.

And on top of this, Poseidon from his current spot is miles behind - if it was 2.60 Poseidon Vs 3.60 Chao, Chao would still get to max faster…
From where you are, you could probably near enough* max another 3* with the leftover feeders by going with Chao first - even more versatility.
*I’ve never actually done the math on this, so I could be slightly wide of the mark, but not by much!

Seen this way, it doesn’t matter that Poseidon better by 5* standards than Chao is by 4* standards - Chao helps get more mats so Chao is the right choice.

Chao can be used in more places where more mats are a potential reward - he gets you on a useful path.

Poseidon… Is a little bit better everywhere they can both go… But not enough to justify it.


Sorry but this is Chao all day long, for me.

Yep, i second this but as we explained before what he has to do in order to obtain more mats is not focus yet on poseidon or chao because they arent viable options for him now.
He has to build firstly at least two rainbow teams of 3*, then work with the epics at least up to 3/60.

So , really, theres no need of burning his orbs yet .
By the time he finishes of raising his roster he may have a better choice than chao , maybe mist ? if he summons in Valhalla.


Sadly 4* classic yellows are not as good as other colors (no healer , no def down , no really a solid sniper ) so of the classics i would recommend or li xiu or chao .
If you get wu kong max him asap because he is the key to improve your titan score and get better loot

I’d go along with that.

So in the context of yellow levelling targets… I’d do Bane#2 and it’s costume.
Then I’d max Chao unless Wu Kong or Li Xiu come along first.

If OP is F2P as stated then it’s going to be quite some time before they’re making enough Valhalla coins to be pulling Mist (barring huge slice of luck with single pulls from chest/mystic vision coins).

Either way, I wouldn’t be touching Poseidon any time soon.


this is my personal opinion, but picking specific 3* that fill gaps in your roster to put emblems on is not a bad idea if you are F2P. Who knows when you’re going to get a “better hero” and you will probably use those 3s for a long time even outside of tournaments. I wouldn’t put emblems left and right on random 3s but for example I didn’t have a Sabina, Sonya or a Caed for first 8+ months of the game but I had Tyrum so I emblemed the skeleton man to node 20. I raided in diamond with him and I still use him every war. I also emblemed costume Brienne to 20 - I don’t have wu and I don’t have buddy, I still use her on a lot of titans. I only recently did my first reset - nashgar - and it’s because I now have a bunch of leveled 4* red so he doesn’t even get to see war anymore. Resets are rare but you’ll probably have a bunch by the time you’d want to reset (I had 11 by the time I did my first reset)- you get them occasionally for completing emblem quests, and you’re much more likely to complete those with maxed heroes. Of course if you already have a 4* of that class maybe it makes sense to save emblems for them but I’m all about making the most of the heroes you already have than waiting for who knows how long for what could be with this random game.

Also as far as saving orbs, it’s more likely you’ll have another 4 orbs before you get a “better” 4* holy if you are f2p in this game. Having a maxed 4* will help you progress in challenge events, maps, quests, offensive raids, once you have some solid 3* teams like TheWizard suggested, I don’t think you’ll regret giving orbs to Chao if no one else shows up by then. Even though his damage is not the best, fast mana control heroes are awesome for offense imo. (Also if you’re F2P you’ll probably be using Chao for a looooong time) (Poseidon can be next on the list if you get 4 more orbs but no 4* holy). Agree with Bubbles that you want to pick heroes that will be better for getting you materials early on in the game. (Also 5* to 3.70 costs more resources to feed than a 4* to 4.70. you’re probably not so rich in resources either this early in the game. focusing on 5* too early will slow your progress)

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@Lexxtarc @BubblesUK @Itty
Thank you for the detailed advice. I will level 2nd Bane first, and maybe ganyu kailani, and after that level Chao to max.
In other colors I’ll level all my 3* first before beginning 4*. Any heroes not worth levelling? (I have doubts about Dawa, Ishtak, Jahangir and renfeld if he shows up)


Considered (by the comunity) bad 3☆: Prisca, Graymane, Dawa, Carver, Renfel (I’m sorry).
Personally, I leveled my first 3 3☆ of each colour without giving a ■■■■ about wheter they were good or bad, and I don’t regret it. Now is annoting getting 3☆ (once you achieve training camp 13 they beging to overflow you) but at first you can’t be picky. Once you have 3 rainbow team (and 3-4 healers you could start to be picky about 3☆). Remember, is very good to doubt with 4☆ and 5☆, but 3☆ won’t waste nothing you can’t retrieve with a bit of gaming time.
Moreover, is very contraproductive to eat an ascended heroe (you wasted food and feeder on him/her, and he/she gives few experience on return). Even so, with a 3☆, if you really dislike it and you don’t have roster space, even if fully leveled as long as you don’t have emblems on him/her and you have at least3 other 3☆ of the same colour, eating this heroe won’t be such a big deal (though almost always is better to buy roster space). And btw, mind costumes: Carver and Renfel are bad, costumes make both pretty neat. The same goes for Friar Tuck. Istaak costume is also great.

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