Poseidon or Triton?

I’m currently finishing maxing out Wu Kong and was gonna start working on leveling Triton next, even though I almost have a guardian owl ready to level up to 3. But then I pulled a Poseidon. Now I don’t know whether to level Triton or Poseidon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (I’m ignoring guardian owl now)

Hard to say without knowing more about your current deck. Triton is a solid 4* hero and will be great in war for a while… do you have the mats for Poseidon? If he’s your first 5* I’d say you should def build your 4* bench before starting him. But he’s the obvious choice before owl.


Completely agree with @Math4lyfe.
I myself leveled Triton immediately, the family bonus with Wilbur, Proteus etc is helpful. Plus he’s a solid 4* that increases healing along with being relatively fast to level.

If you have good depth for AW, and around 25-30 maxed 4* then maybe Poseidon is the way to go.
Ask yourself which one would make the fastest immediate impact on the teams you have, then go with it!!

Good luck!!


Triton will max much faster than Poseidon will. Do you only level one hero at a time?

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Thanks guys I’ll start with Triton and then go on to Poseidon.

And no I try to level 1 of each color at a time. Well as much as possible.

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Well, then there is no conflict between Triton and Poseidon, except maybe choice for (if lack of fine glove and compass) for Poseidon tier 3 and Triton tier 4.


Go Triton because his skill animation is cooler :smile::smile:

Joking…I think there is no conflict between those 2 unless AM as @jinbatsu says

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That being the case I’d still go Triton. A 4-70 Triton will be better than a 3-70 Poseidon.