Chao, Poseidon or Guardian Owl?

I just finished maxing out Wu Kong and am about to start on my next yellow and need advice on who to start on next. I have a max Wu Kong, Justice 3^ lvl70 (just waiting on poison darts). I’m contemplating on who to work on next, who would be more useful over all, Chao lvl 1, Guardian Owl 2^ lvl 44, or Poseidon lvl 1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Maxed 4*'s are almost always better than a 5* at 3/70. How many darts are you waiting on? I would max Poseidon over Justice any day.


Level the Fisher King and you won’t be disappointed


Thank you both for the advice. I’m waiting on 4 darts.

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If you are waiting on that many darts, do Chao. You can probably max him and level Poseidon before you get that many. They are very rare. That said, I don’t have Justice, but I love my Poseidon +2 and his Death Pitchfork of Doom. I’d take him to 3^70 and use him a bit before committing darts to Justice.


In my honest opinion it would have to be Poseidon - 100%


I concur. Max Chao in the meantime. The rough odds are you’ll get four 3* ascension materials (Magic Orbs) for each 4* ascension material (darts), so you have a pretty good chance to get Chao to 4/70 and Poseidon to 3/70 before that 6th dart rolls in.

I personally see about a 3-1 ratio due to fighting 6* Titans and not skipping chests very often (I’m a gem-pincher, a’ight?!), but still the math makes sense.

Chao is a decent yellow hero and arguably the best one for offensive raiding, especially with emblems. He’s not the best 4* sniper in the game by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s the only option you have for yellow, unless you’re lucky enough to land a Guardian Jackal, so work with what you have.

And yes, when you get that 6th dart, I’d go with Poseidon.

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I don’t have Poseidon, but I’ve fought him enough to know that, dang, his special is cool. :wink: I don’t have much of a purple stack to bring, because he makes Proteus useless. And Hansel. It just sucks to fight him, heh heh. Maybe someday when I have both Obakan and Quintus at 3-70, it might help, but…

Yeah, I vote for Poseidon. With how much of a pain he is on defense, I can imagine that tactical use of his special in an attack would be very beneficial indeed. :smiley:

Good gaming!

Very good points. Thank you all very much! I’m gonna work on Chao and Poseidon and max Poseidon instead of Justice when I get the darts. I need a yellow sniper big time.

The Big Fish is just what the doctor ordered for that. Fast mana, high damage, and a nice secondary effect.

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You’re right he’s only 2^ lvl 12 and already helping kick butt. I can’t wait to max him and kageburado.

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Lmao when I see that pitchfork go up I’m looking at my heroes like they’re the cast of the walking dead when they met Neagan lol


I would max Chao since you’re still waiting on darts, I wouldn’t max Justice over Guardian Owl, especially if you have fast mana troops, but the better choice would probably be Poseidon since he’s fast even if you cannot take him higher until those darts show up. I’m sure he could be of service at 3/60 since he’s fast

Chao first then Poseidon. Chao was my second 4 star that I got and have been using him heavily.

Not alot of Guardian Owl love here…lol.


I just removed my Fighter emblems from Magni and gave them to Poseidon +10 and he became a beast. Before that I had him and Joon at +1 and they were pretty similar. Now he outshines Joon. Max Chao, and by the time you get darts you will have him at 3-70. Test him out there, and if no other new Holys come along in next few months he will be ready.

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