Who's better - Poseidon 3/70, or Chao 4/70?

  • Poseidon
  • Chao

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It’s for my offense team. Chao is already maxed with few talents. Problem is when I max Buddy I will have to split ranger emblems. So I’m thinking give Chao’s talents to Buddy and Poseidon instead of Chao.

How many mats do you have for Poseidon?

If you are close I say make the switch

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Chao really doesn’t need talents as you seem to be near the point where he will mostly be in a war stack or warming the bench.
Buddy is almost always a good hero to have and as you move more into 5* you’ll find certain hero’s that you just don’t use as much. I used Kash, Chao, Gormek religiously. Now they rarely make it onto a team unless there’s a specific hero/reason I’m bringing them.


Poseidon will be worth leveling when the mats come around, but Chao’s at his ceiling already. Since Buddy is one of the elite 4’s that make the cut among 5’s, he’s worth some emblems.

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I have both with those stats and I prefer Poseidon. He protects against so many mana attacks. Not just Neith, Li Xiu and Leonidas, but also Onatel, Hel, and Proteus. He even protects Danzaburo from his occasional drunken stupor. I much prefer Poseidon, but Chao is still on my yellow team too, and I like him.


2 darts so far. But I think I’ll make that switch regardless :slight_smile:

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