Leveling yellows...advice requested

Dead titan gave up the orb, so now I am choosing who to level up.

Wu is ready now, while Leonidas and Chao are nearly there.

Is Wu all that much more one tier up? Way I see it (and I admit I meay very well be wrong) is Wu would be adding to card levels but not much will change with his special.

Leo seems to be just a big guy with a sword. The mana reduction is nice. Self-healing is needed because he is so slow.

Chao reduces mana, but not as much Leo. His best asset is speed.

Right now, I guess I would go with Chao.

A 10x holy pull is not out of the question here.


I would say if you like Titan battle the most go for Wu…if you like raids and attacks in generall go for Chao first and then Leo ( cause he’s 5* and need more time to lvl ). I use Chao and I like him.
Of course just my thoughts :laughing:

Wu. Wu too. By the way, Wu.

When in doubt, search the Forum for posts about the highest scoring hits. Guess who’s involved? Yep, our monkey man Wu!

EDIT: We’re Titan folk in my alliance, so you can ignore me if you’re solely a Raider. :wink:


Yes, Rook, I got the scoring part. But, isn’t that from his special?

My q re Wu (lyrical) is about whether raising him a tier gets me more than raising either of the others if his card levels are all that increases.

He would be less squishy as he levels up, but is that all I get?

If you want him to live long enough to use him (with or without health potions), you’ll want to raise him, especially if you are hitting 8* and above Titans.

But if you are raising Chao or the other to:

  • Use in Raid
  • Provide another hero for AW

Go for it! You know what you are using your heroes for.

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I’m still that 5/6 level on titans. Sad but true

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Max out wu…he needs all the health and defense he can get since he is a key component is good titan scores. Got to keep him alive long enough to use his special and if he isn’t maxed he can be killed pretty quick as you get to higher level titans


You can’t do a 10x pulls on yellow after missing the opportunity to go for Jackal.

No no no.

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Pulled 2 falcon…next event please

Leo is a lot better than he used to be, but you will eventually regret ascending Chao. Yes, he seems to make the difference early on and yes, he can be a pain when you see him on a defensive team during a raid, but eventually you outgrow him and he’s not good for much of anything, yet you can’t get those ascension items back.

My advice is to either hold the items for a better hero to come along or ascend Leo. You’ll always use Leo for something, while Chao will eventually ride the bench except for the occasional AW use because he is fast and you don’t have anyone else.

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Don’t waste mats on Chao