Which hero to work on next ... yellows

Good morning lovelies,
I have FINALLY maxed and talented Bane. I have no other 3* yellows. My options for the next yellow to work on are Wu Kong, Chao, or Li Xiu. What would you suggest and why ?
Also- I want to pick a yellow to work on because I found with colour feeding a) it cost less ■■■■ hams (why is there never enough hams?!) and that it helped level the special skills. I ended up maxing Bane at 6/8 which was extremely frustrating.

Bane is great (and you can still up his skill when he is max lvl, its really easy)

You will read a lot about the fabulousness of wu, but at your stage of the game I would advise saving him for later. Li is a great multi purpose hero for newer players and would be a good choice. Chao is also worth considering, depending on your prefered playing style. (Faster mana than Li, and more damage and mana removal but to only one target)

Definitely keep all of them :slight_smile:

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Wu is a must have for Titans only. Chao is a great sniper …then LiXiu imo

Agree. For start, I leveled Chao and he helped me a lot against Titan :smiley:

Wu is the best for titan. Li Xiu for multiple damage and mana draining. Chao for being a sniper + mana draining.
Among the three, Li Xiu is the best as the tank.

If you’re a tile based player rather than relying heavily on the specials, Wu is the choice. The gambler stacking is really fascinating when fully utilise.

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