Chao? Huh, yeah! What is he good for...?

Got my first yellow 4* - Chao.

But is he worth playing? I see from Anchor’s masterful guide that he is a lowly ‘C’ ranking…but does he have a niche?

He has a fast sniper type special, but seems to lack a decent attack stat.

My other 4* are Kiril, Boril, Scarlett, Colen Caedmon and Skittle skull.

My other yellows are Kailani and the venerable Bane fully levelled with Dawa and scythe Panda at the bottom of the roster.

Any clever ideas??

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When I was new, Chao came my way. I had Leo, too. Asked why I should not feed Chao to Leo, and the forum erupted. Save your 4s. AW was coming. Lots of reasons thrown at me. I gave in.

Chao was relegated to farming until LiXiu replaced him there, and know he sits in a corner hoping to get in a war team. Useless shite.


Chao is really under appreciated in my opinion. He has a permanent spot on my general raiding/event team right now because:

  • He’s a general-purpose fast mana sniper (there’s not a lot of yellow 4* to fill that niche).
  • He has just enough defense/HP to take a shot from Lianna’s arrows and shrug it off.
  • He pairs exceptionally well with Little John to control mana during raids and event bosses. I’ve had raids against full 4/70 teams where none of the enemies even had a chance to use their specials!
  • He pairs well with a second sniper (I use Sonya) to pick off single targets quickly.
  • He’s available from TC13/20, so accessible to F2P and C2P players.

Wu Kong is better for titans, and Li Xiu or Hu Tao are better on defense, but I certainly don’t regret ascending Chao. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Here’s a playlist of some of my raids with Chao if you want to see him in action:


Chao my not be the best 4* yellow in the game and he is only C but you can still use him to stack yellow in raid/ titanbattle.
you will need 30 leveled heroes for War and you would do good to have more than one yellow there ^^
And let’s be true he isn’t our favourite 4* but he is still better then a 3* :wink:
What lexinen said about mana control is true too so there are a few pro’s to chao :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely not binning him, and I’m very pleased to complete my 4* rainbow team.

But I couldn’t see a particular role for him, so great to get some specific feedback from @lexinen about how to use him :slight_smile:

If you only want to know how to use him, the most basic way would be with 1 or 2 another fast hitters in raid. This strategy got me from gold to platinum with only 5 4* heroes.
I used Caedmon and Scarlett.
If you don’t have enough heroes to double up the strong colour against the enemy tank, search for healing tanks like BT/Kiril/Kahsrek try to charge your mana only on the tank and after he casted his special do as much damage as possible with tiles without him charging up and use both or all three hitters at the same time to defeat the tank.
In this case Chaos mana drain helps even more if the tank survives with a bit hp =)


UI pulled both chao and li xui and chose to level chao first. I do not regret that decision. He does very well for me and frequently his fast mana saves my butt in wars and raids whereas li xui would’ve been a wee too slow. Hansel and chao are my main raid killers because they charge so easily compared to my average manas. Next i have level up wu, and I’m not crying about benching li for a bit longer.

ETA: l do agree that li is better on defense, but my defense team isn’t frustrating to use against an opponent so for me raid offense is more important.


I use Chao all the time. He is one of the most underrated heros in the game. I use him in all areas but mostly farming, events and Purple Titans. I don’t feel he deserves a “C” rating, I think he’s more of a “B” hero

I just fought a 10* purple Titan with this line up
Wu, BT, Grimm, Joon, Chao

However, I don’t have Jackal. As soon as I can get Jackal I will replace Chao with him.


One of my AW teams is Boldtusk, Jackal and 3x Chao. It has certain success even against 4000 power teams :slight_smile:

Obviously Chao is not the strongest, but is solid enough and is certainly worth leveling up if he us your only yellow 4*


Chao is . . . fine. I’d level him if you have the orbs. He’s not super exciting but will serve as a solid foundation for building out your 4* roster in the future.


He is better than any of your other yellow heroes. But, do not take him above 3^60 until a more robust team takes shape.

Your 4* roster is fine. Just don’t run yourself short of ascension materials as foundation heroes will happen along.


I came to read just for the witty title and of course you were the OP, @JonahTheBard :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, still busy with my crusade to fill the memory banks of the forum server!

I hope you guys are still prospering at NW?

Got a favourite yellow hero?

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You need 6 attack teams for AW. Chao is better than Li and Hu Tao on raid/war attack and tians.
The only priority 4* yellow is Wu. Li and Hu are defensive leaning options. You will have to work on a Chao if you don’t have yellow 5* options.

Those are all from free tokens and TC13/20.

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That is an impressive stable :grinning:

The 4* I have predominantly lean towards defence, so I’m keen to develop another hitter.

Thanks for the advice.

We are! Enjoying ourselves.

Delilah is my only 5* hero, so she is definitely my favorite yellow. :slightly_smiling_face: I did just pull Li this week though, so I’ve been leveling her. (Delilah has been and shall be stuck for years as I wait on 6 poison darts.)

I would ascend chao in a heartbeat over hu tao or li xiu. the latter two are not useful in anything other than defense and hu tao still stinks there. Chao is still playable as a fast sniper who mana drains. Li xiu is relatively useless st higher levels and she’s terrible offensively.

I still bring chao with Joon and jackal vs purple tanks and love it.


First, anecdotally… I’ve used Chao in the wars recently (really the only place so far), and I’m pleased with him there. I’ve got 3 of him, and just ascended the 2nd one to the final ascension tier. The maxed one is on my #1 (strongest) war attack team, and I’ve been happy with him there. The other 2 are together on another war attack team, which has also worked well. It’s nice when they fire at the same time, and you have the choice of taking a chunk of mana from 2 different enemies, or a bigger chunk from one (and possibly kill him/her). I’d also use him against purple Titans in a heartbeat.

Second, here is a comparison of the 4* fast single strikers, plus very fast Jackal:

Hero Attack Defense Health Special
Kelile 675 686 935 320% damage + 306 over 6 turns
Sonya 607 731 1011 345% damage, debuff all
Peters 643 641 1113 320% damage, silenced 3 turns
Caedmon 635 637 1128 345% damage, debuff all
Hansel 699 601 1064 255% damage, 21% damage on mana full, -50% mana for 3 turns, +74% defense against specials
Gafar 711 633 988 260% damage + 228 over 4 turns, -100% healing for 2 turns, cure self
Jackal 765 531 1032 270% damage, -54% def against holy for 3 turns, very fast
Chao 607 675 1115 315% damage, -25% mana

Attack points are on the lower end of the spectrum, while defense + health are on the higher end of the spectrum (pretty typical for these to compliment each other where one is low and the other high). Damage of the special is somewhat in the middle of the pack I would say. Based on just these numbers he is not super special, but certainly solid.

So then it comes down to considering the special part of the special, the 25% mana reduction. I don’t think it’s as simple to call it better or worse than any of the others, but it is in my experience really quite useful… if you’ve got a Joon or Sartana aimed at you ready to fire, or a healer or Wu Kong, and you can stop that by taking mana away, that is at that moment probably more useful than any of the other specials. But they all have their place. I think it can be a key strategic advantage at times (especially because of the fast mana), and I’m glad I have Chao on my roster.

I would agree with @Dawnsky on rating him a solid “B” rather than a “C”. And when your life depends on keeping an enemy from firing, and Chao can do that, at that exact moment it’s an A+++… :slight_smile:

So bottom line I think he is good, and for sure worth ascending and leveling up.

Edit: just to throw in one more thing, my avatar is Chao’s face, and it’s a good face, so there’s that… :smile:


I really enjoyed using Chao for a long time on raids and events. His ability to stall your choice of enemy is great.

It was only once my Joon was 100 power more than Chao that I finally grudgingly stopped using him.

I think he’s much better than the rating he gets from Anchor’s guide. I use Anchor’s guide all the time, but Chao does not get his proper dues there if you ask me.


even smart guys get some things wrong, I’ve nagged him about that one for awhile. Wu kills titans, Chao fills raid chests, Li and Hu sit on the bench.

Especially for a newer player, chao helps full raid chests, which is one of the harder areas of th game for newer players who don’t have a large roster. Defense team is of little value until you care about cups or AW.


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