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I’ve maxed my first rainbow 4* team, working on the second and have several 4* at 3/60. Wu Kong might just be the best 4* around (maxed him with emblemes). The other Holy non-event ones (like Jackal and Gretel) are dissapointing compared to especially fire, dark and ice. I have Wu and (nearly) Li Xiu maxed and am thinking of which Holy to work on next. My options are Chao which seems quite lame for a sniper, go for a 5* (Guinevere and Ranvir are my options) or just wait for an event and hope for Jackal or Gretel and level 3* instead? Guinevere will be my tank eventually, but my 4* roster is not that deep yet. I’m leaning towards getting Guinevere to 3/60 and waiti for more poison darts or a better 4* Holy pull. Or is Chao worth investing in?

Chao isn’t really worth it, in my opinion. I’d take Guin up as far as you can while waiting for better Yellow 4*s

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Yes, Chao is worth investing in IMO. Him having fast mana makes it worthwhile.

Question, what do you have in the way of mats? If you’re at about 5 darts, and you seem to have a decent base of 4* heroes, I think working on Guin might be your best bet. However, if you’re in the 2-3 dart range, I would hold off on Guin. Where are you at in the way of Magic Orbs?

Also, depending on how close you are to maxing Li Xiu, waiting for the upcoming events isn’t a bad idea either.


Jackal is FANTASTIC in my opinion. On a mono team with his elemental Def Down, your other Holy heros will really shine.

Also, I personally love Chao. I have used him very often with Hel. His attack isn’t crazy, but i’ll block mana with Hel and then drop it back down with Chao. That combo has allowed me to win all minds of raids and battles I had no business participating in.


Thank’s. I’ve got 4 orbs and 3 darts, so really in doubt. I can take Guin to 3/60 and wait for darts and/or a better 4* or max Chao during the next weeks. I don’t like the idea of wasting resources on a hero I won’t use much. Hmmm? Well, still a few days before Li is ready and I have to choose :smiley:

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I personally like Chao, and while I have better yellows now like Jackel, I still use him quite frequently! Especially in stacking yellows! Considering how long it takes to max Guin, I probably would focus on Chao first while waiting on items for Guin. Just mho is all! Good luck and have fun!


You probably want to ascend all of them. With only 3 darts you could give orbs to an epic first. 4 more orbs will probably come faster than 3 more darts.

Jackal and Gretel are the best holy epics imo. Jackal to stack holy and Gretel to ‘ghost’ tiles into a filled place. Learn how to play her and you will get rid of unnecessary tiles while hurting this enemy badly.


Based on your post, you don’t have either Jackal or Gretel yet, correct? In that case, take Chao to 3/60 and see how you’re fixed for darts. If you have 5, start working on Guin. If not, finish Chao.


Did you just say Jackal is disappointing??! I think you don’t know how to use him…he is FANTASTIC and with Wilbur, Proteus, and Hansel among the best 4* heroes in the game!!

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Obviously I beg to differ.

If you don’t like Jackal, it’s you, it’s not him.


You misunderstood. If I’ve had Jackal things would’vd been easy. Stellar 4* Holy I wish I had. Just got the advise I’ll stick to. I’ll take Chao to 3/60 and see what happens with pulls and darts and be patient. Thank’s guys!

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When does the event come back around for a chance to get Jackal?

This is the rotation generally. But if they have removed the Pirates event then Guardians should be back in two months.


I don’t have Chao, but I wish I did for one reason - class trials. Rangers on my roster are hard to come by. Just want to throw that out there. If you need another ranger, that’s a point in Chao’s favor. I’m stuck with Isshtak!

I thought these two were event heroes.

My only 4* Holy are Hu Tao and Wu Kong. Frankly the 4* classics are sad compared to the other colours. Only Li Xiu gives me any trouble with her mana down.

Wu works ok with gem damage, not so much with specials.

I had chao on 3 different accounts and I was happy on all of them. Never regretted chao at all and in the 4 star tournaments he’s quite good at helping lock up mana. Same with pairing him with Liu Xu on war cleanups where you can ghost tiles and charge them fast.


One more comment to add: Li and Guin are really defense only; Chao is really offense. Between AWs, raids, and class quests, he’s your best option on offense. Wu can’t sub for what Chao does.

At one point I had nothing but 6 Chao and 3s, lol - a yellow elemental draw got me 3 of those Chao and 7 3s. Never another yellow 4*, and no yellow 5*, so I kept and leveled two of him, and threw the rest on Li when she finally showed up. His mana control really did the trick, especially once I got Proteus (to use as suggested above, in place of the Hel I didn’t have). GL!

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Absolutely…Jackel is the best! I have 1 fully ascended with emblems and am working on another! Couldn’t live without him! Lol Have fun! Good luck!

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I have two maxed ones myself!

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Not sure how I misinterpreted you not liking Jackal and saying he suffers compared to others. Which is just demonstrably wrong.

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